Neo cases for monster moped

The 10 first Neo cases made in France.

550 euros for the cases bolts included + 120 euros for the variator shaft adpater

or 600 euros for complete pack cases + adapter

Uses Derbi euro 2 crankshaft, seals ans bearings 6204, all cylinder kits, stock or internal cdi and stock reed block or V force 3 Honda CR85.


CNC machined cases for variated mopeds using all Derbi Euro 2 engine parts. All h2o cylinder kits 50cc to 90cc (25+ hp). Plus a special machined shaft to adapt the motobecane moped variator malossi variotop 115mm, combined with a good modified heavy duty clutch pulley like Doppler or other.



Special shaft adapter for malossi moped variator 120 euros:


Malossi moped variator:


Derbi euro 2 50cc 6 speed engine:





New 2013 MXS racing kit 90cc GP  for Minarelli horizontal, Minarelli AM6, Derbi euro 2, euro 3 + racing exhaust 90cc GP + crankshafts stroke 46mm – rod 90mm.

Stock with no modifications 25- 27 hp. With racing combustion chamber 29 hp.





Feb 2013, new Airsal 50mm kit 7 transfer ports and new tech bridge exhaust + 2 auxiliary ports.

Uses stock crank stroke available for 6 speed Derbi euro 2, euro 3, AM6 engines and Minarelli scooter engines.



Other CNC product by Neo:

Minarelli scooter engine twin cases adapter.

BONUS PICS:  Drag scooters



    • tomahawktuning

      They usually choose the malossi 115mm cause it’s the only big range variator still available new with weights setting.

      Sometime they make a shaft for the Conti 120mm but it got discontinued recently.

      I think they should look into adapting scooter roller variators more available, not as tunable but probably more reliable for that kind of power.

    • tomahawktuning


      For those who can afford to build it, this is some serious french variated moped power.
      And no more Frankenstein engine with tons of machining. It’s bolt and play.

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