Tomashop updates

I haven’t been posting articles as frequently as in the past for few reasons.

I’ve been very busy… writing and keeping up a blog takes a lot of time. I didn’t want to saturate the blog with too many articles making it difficult for the new blog readers to catch up having to go back through so many previous posts. I started to post more about the Tomahawk activities on the right side of the main page but realized that a lot of people only surf the web with their iPhone and completely miss all the frequent updates because the right side is not displayed on their small phone screen.

Some people have asked me to start posting more, so here’s what’s going on a the Tomashop…

– DUAL 103 SOLD:

I just finished the Dual Variated Peugeot 103 and sold it to a friend for $2,300 a steal considering the rareness of that set up, some of the vintage Polini and Giraudo parts, the amount of work, powder coating, disc brake, etc… My consolation is that it stays within the family and will be taken care of. It’s a unique piece of art that we won’t find in the streets anytime soon.

I’m hoping to do a good photo shoot sometime in the beginning of April and maybe bring a video.


This is not a top speed bike more like a cruiser with 50 mph top speed. By design a dual variated transmission absorbs a lot of the engine’s true power and needs to constantly rev high. It makes it harder to tune the transmission for perfect overall power.


Polini air cooled 50cc W kit ported – Vintage Polini 50cc h2o head – Polini cases small reeds – Doppler crankshaft small taper – MVT internal cdi variable advance – Dell orto 19mm carb – Simonini circuit pipe (just for the photo) but changed to Giannelli Black Gun better high rpm pipe – stock clutch – Vintage Giraudo variator – Vintage dual variated swing arm – Yamaha Zuma scooter radiator – Polini water pump modified with timing belt pulleys.


1989 Peugeot 103 frame flat tank sides, imported from France – Honda CT70 rear gas shocks 330mm – Peugeot seat with custom upholstery – EBR hydraulic fork – custom disc brake adapted to stock 1978 spoke wheel – Tomahawk fork brace – Red candy apple and Flat black powder coating.

– MOTOBECANE AV10 – 90’s MBK Magnum Racing XR F1 Assistance:

This is a restoration project for a customer.

Los Angeles-20130321-01013

A super rare moped that we won’t see anytime soon in the US, on a blog or even less running on the streets. It took the owner at least a year to hunt and import all the parts from France. We’re going to try to restore the bike close to the 90’s stock looking version with that original hot pink paint by importing an MBK scooter model small fairing with the exact same paint match, the vintage moped pink fairing is too rare and too expensive. But the motor won’t be 50cc h20, it will be a Parmakit 70cc air cooled for now.

The original 90’s F1 Assistance (stock 50cc h20, kick start, disc brake, etc… $1,600 back then) and the Tomahawk project:

2353060099_1Los Angeles-20130208-00775


1996 Scooter MBK Rocket F1 assistance series fairings that we need for a color match:

dsc01169 3075938919_2_3_NF3UaqB4

I just got the stock hydraulic 30mm Paioli fork back from polishing satin finish and already rebuilt it with new oil and dust seals imported from France by Yamaha Genuine parts.

Los Angeles-20130311-00947Los Angeles-20130320-01010

– TOMAHAWK Moby av10 race bike 2013:

I built a new Polini 50cc h2o stock cases 21mm carb for my motobecane race moped but the chassis upgrades are far from being done, radiator, electric water pump, battery, temperature gauge, square swing arm, aluminum launch lever, 3 star mag wheels, custom bracket for rear aluminum sprockets, 250mm scooter disc brake, grimeca caliper, custom bracket, Paioli 30mm adjustable hydraulic fork missing 2 special aluminum washers to be machined.


Mbk Booster front 250mm disc by Doppler, perfect bolt pattern match for the Mbk 51 magnum 3 star front wheel.

Los Angeles-20130318-00996Los Angeles-20130318-01001

There’s a motorized bicycle race event in Southern California coming soon Saturday April 13 at Grange’ race track in Victorville. Few mopeds are invited and I want to bring that bike to the track as well as my Peugeot RCX 50cc h20. So I need a temporary engine.

I’ve just rebuilt a ported air cooled 50cc Doppler kit, stock cases, 19 carb and will also use that oportunity to test the cheap Teknix crank $75 and a new high quality internal ignition coil replacement for the stock cdi $75 “Le partie” sent by

Los Angeles-20130320-01011418919_464068166997634_1252697652_n

I’ll bring some reviews on the Teknix crank and cdi internal coil after the race in April.

I’ve already made the Part 1 videos. Check out those links:

Teknix crank – Part 1

Internal coil – Part 1


  1. Graham Motzing

    Hey christophe, did you ever get a chance to run that 70cc air cooled moby head i sent ya? I just thought of it seeing you testing the teknix build…

    let me know what you thought of that, i’ll be doing another production run soon and would like to incorporate any improvements.

    • tomahawktuning

      Yeah. I think I used your modified head on the flashy green motobecane av7 Parmakit 70cc piston port.

      It ran really good but I haven’t had the chance the ride the bike long enough to check head temperature at top speed. It seemed fine doing some test runs in my neighborhood. You machined a safe squish.

      Good work.

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