Ca se prepare

Photo from the last race event in October 2012. Tomahawk 50cc mopeds won 1st and 2nd place in the fast class.


Getting ready for the SoCal motorbicycle race event at Grange’ race track April 13th in Victorville, Apple Valley.

Je me prepare pour la course velo motorise’ au sud de la Californie au circuit Grange’ Avril 13 a Victorville, Apple Valley.


Mopeds are invited to the Saturday April 13th SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing extravaganza. Please have your safety gear, DOT helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, ankle protecting footwear.

Areal video of Grange’ raceway… rad!

– Moby 50cc air cooled:

I sold my bidalot engine and rebuilt quickly a 50cc doppler engine for the Arpil race. I’m using a cheap Teknix crank $75 to put it to the test and a stock cdi “Le partie” $75 from with a new high quality coil.

J’ai vendu mon moteur G1 bidalot et rapidement remonte’ un moteur 50cc doppler pour la course d’Avril. J’utilise un vilo Teknix $75 que je veux tester et un allumage origine $75 a avec une nouvelle bobine interne de meilleure qualite’.


Cheap Motobecane Teknix crank and cdi from



Moby 50cc video test run:

The transmission 11×59 is tuned for quick acceleration at the short go kart track with top speed 55-60 mph max at the end of the straight away.

La transmission est regle’ a 11×59 pour favoriser les accelerations sur le petit circuit de kart avec vitesse de pointe max 90-95 kmh au bout de la ligne droite.

– Peugeot RCX 50cc h2o Bidalot:

Since the last race fall 2012, I stiffened the EBR fork, cut off some of the clutch pulley shoes for better take offs and accelerations, also went up 2 teeth from 72 to 74 rear sprocket to be quicker off the turn since the bike couldn’t hit top speed on the short straight away.

Depuis la derniere course automne 2012, j’ai durci la fourche EBR, couper la gomme des machoires de poulie pour des meilleurs departs et accelerations, aussi monte’ de 2 dents de 72 a 74 sur la couronne pour des sortie de virage plus rapide vu que la machine n’atteignait pas sa vitesse de pointe dans la ligne droite assez courte.



Video first start:


“Corrida super moby interlagos”

Motobecane moped race in Brazil March 31, 2013. Photos by Thiago Pinheiro.





For fun:

Electric scooter E-Speed concept by KTM Austrian brand revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Electric motor: power 11 kW- torque 36 Nm – speed 53 mph

Lithium-ion battery 4.36 KWh

40 mile range

Regenerative braking system to recycling some electricity to the battery



For commuting:

Electric scooter XO2 by XOR Motors:

100% developed and manufactured by a young south of France company. The scooter should hit the market very soon in 2013 in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, after a lot of interest shown at the 2012 ECMA biggest international motorcycle show in Milan. There’s also a lot of interest from buyers in Asia, Singapore, Japan.


Price: 3,100 euros ($4,000)

100% approved by the European safety regulations.

Long lasting motor 100,000 miles, zero friction, zero engine parts ware.

Electric motor brush less 8 KW – 75 mph top speed with some of the fastest acceleration for a scooter

50 mile range

Battery fully charged in 2 hours

The scooter can be folded in 20 seconds and legally carried on trains or subways.

XOR_XO2 (2)

Video: Electric XO2 scooter vs Yamaha Xmax 125cc #1 sold scooter in France


  1. Dimitri

    bonjour dmnq
    Very nice race bike ,and fore a low buget i´m curios about that crank .
    But,that paint is not realy my kind of thing.
    but good luck at the race track grtz Dimitri

    • tomahawktuning

      Thx. The race should be fun.

      Nicki Minaj “Super Bass” theme painted by a friend artist in 2011.

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