Tomashop May 2013

What’s going on at the shop?

MOBY Malossi 50cc H2o:

Melvin is working on his new single variated moped Motobecane 50cc h2o malossi street blaster mono shock project.

We bought a cheap used Kawasaki KX 65 hydraulic fork that Melvin converted for the motobecane frame.
Tubes shortened 5″. Moby frame tube cut 1/2″. Original KX 12mm axle converted to 10mm motobecane 6 star wheel axle with cheap hardware store sleeves 98 cents, which was easier than machining the hub for a new 12mm bearing and still plenty strong for a street moped.

Los Angeles-20130523-01243

Melvin is too busy so I helped him build the av10 50cc h20 malossi engine, stock cases port matched, malossi crank, FAG bearings, stock cdi, doppler er3 variator, custom kick start plate for future scooter mechanical water pump, doppler 2 petal reeds, doppler manifold, 19mm carb, conti exhaust.

Melvin with his completed moby malossi 50cc h2o engine already laughing thinking about all the mopeds and scooters he’s gonna blast in the streets of LA.

Los Angeles-20130520-01229Los Angeles-20130525-01247

Scoot TV HONDA Hobbit:

We’re upgrading “Scoot TV” Honest Mike’s Honda Hobbit with a new race crank 17mm variator side, Athena 70cc kit, 70cc moped factory head (the decompressor valve was bent and would close all the creating an air leak no compression, I had to replace it with a stock one, double check your decomp before installation), 21mm malossi carb kit, dual stage flat reeds, proma exhaust, stiffer rear shocks, new tires, new petcock, cleaning the tank and shortening the turn signals. The goal is to keep stock looking as much as possible with faster 70cc commuting engine.

Los Angeles-20130523-01244Los Angeles-20130523-01245

MOBY Polini 50cc h20:

I’m done with the radiator mount and the temporary electric water pump until with we fabricate a mount for the scooter mecahnical water pump. I’m still working on the FOX mono shock mount having issues with the stiffness. I may have to double it up with a 2nd shock mounted close to the seat tube through the swing arm and attached below with a link or start all over with a stiffer motorcycle shock, or forget about the mono shock hard tail look and add 2 cheap small shocks on each side of the swing arm.

Los Angeles-20130517-01221

Los Angeles-20130521-01234Los Angeles-20130522-01237

PUCH Maxi E50 case inducted Minarelli Airsal 50cc h2o race bike:

I’m done with setting the port timing and fabricating the aluminum base plates and paper gaskets. I still need to install 2 center pins to line up the cylinder and the head. Then I’m ready assemble  the motor.


Los Angeles-20130520-01233Los Angeles-20130521-01235

Two center pins done.

Los Angeles-20130527-01255

IMG-20130527-01250Los Angeles-20130527-01253

Motorized Bicycle / Moped race :

I’m getting ready for the 2nd race of 2013 organized by SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing June 1st, 2013 at Grange’ race track in Southern California Apple Valley.

Mopeds are invited to participate. Here’s the facebook page event if you want to sign up in advance:

I won’t be racing my Peugeot 50cc h2o moped to spend more time enjoying the event, helping with the organization, the mopeds racers in the pit, and bring some footage. But I will bring my moby 50cc air cooled race moped with new chassis upgrades for Ryan a local racer and hopefully get some better lap times with the same motor.

Check out Ryan’s helmet recently spray painted black with a tomahawk logo and those beautiful motorized bicycle trophies CNC machined by Joker Machine Motorcycles.




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