June 1st 2013 Race Results

Here they are…. first ones on the U.S. soil,  thanks Bidalot!


Bidalot #1 company in motobecane performance parts for 30 years is fabricating new vintage 50cc racing kits air cooled and h20.

G1 air cooled 12 hp – G2 h2o 15 hp – G3 h20 18 hp

My Bidalot 50cc G1 air cooled round exhaust is on its way from France… can’t wait!

2 versions: Round exhaust 6 transfer ports / Bridge exhaust 5 transfer ports.



$800 FOR SALE.   SOLD !

Los Angeles-20130718-01453

60+mph Motobecane av10 50cc 11hp engine running strong with good compression and already tuned with less than a 100 miles (one day at the track and some street test runs).

All the parts brand new will cost you $900. So you get the same motor for $800 low miles + free assembly and tuning session it which is the hardest part… I usually charge $400 to build and tune those 50cc rippers.

Set up: Stock cases port matched, teknix crank (strong and tested at the track), FAG bearings, Doppler 50cc kit slightly ported, Doppler 50cc head, stock cdi, Doppler er3 variator (no clutch function, needs a clutch pulley and a doppler belt), Doppler reeds, Doppler intake, Dell’orto 19mm carb black race, custom carb bracket, custom launch lever bracket.

Does NOT come with belt, stock engine spring, doppler exhaust, or launch lever. I can provide some weights to retuned the variator if needed with your pulley type, engine spring and final gearing.

Another great day at the track.


Thanks Neil the SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event organizer, Ryan and Travis local racers, LB mopeds, Mike scoot TV, Arrow Motorized Cycles, Joker Motorcycle, and everybody who came to support the race.

NEXT RACE:    Saturday  OCTOBER 19th 2013   GRANGE TRACK    Apple Valley, Southern California


Photo: Scotto (right) won 1st place unlimited class talking to Brian (left) from http://www.nashmoto.com/ won 1st place in Mid Range 8hp class.


RESULTS for the Chinese Bicycle PRO class:

SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing: Grange Motor Circuit.
June 1st 2013 10 Lap Final:

(David Rust, Master tuner and owner of Arrow Motorized Cycles)


66 cc 2 STROKE PRO CLASS Chinese Motor Bicycles ONLY:

1st:         # 88  Jim Rust.                 ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
2nd:       # 57  Kevin Takahushi.    PISTON BIKES
3rd:       # 87  Jeff Fitzgerald.         ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
4th:       # 68  Norm Neal.               VENICE MOTOR BIKES [non Pro bike]

Did Not Finish :   Flat front tire.   #89    Ryan Scruggs     ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES

Results for the 11hp + Unlimited class:

1st         # 3       Scotto               Motor Bicycle 212cc 4 stroke

2nd       # 191   Ryan Mayer     Tomahawk Moped Motobecane 50cc single variated 2 stroke

3rd       # 99     Brian                 Motor Bicycle 160cc 4 stroke


Scotto uses a Harbor Freight Generator Motor 212cc 4 stroke $99 on sale, modified combustion chamber, race exhaust, Tomar racing clutch, bigger carb. He’s trying to start a new race class using the cheap 99cc Motor on his blue bike. Check out all the other cheap pull start motors from 79cc to 212cc made in China sold at a local Harbor Freight store in Los Angeles or online. They even have a 420cc motor for $600.

Los Angeles-20130607-01280Los Angeles-20130607-01286Los Angeles-20130607-01284Los Angeles-20130607-01285


More coming this week …..

Mid Range class 8hp morning Heat 1 race:



Race Motor Bicycles:


Race mopeds:


Moped trophies hand made by Ryan Mayer and Travis local racers. Honest Mike Scoot TV took moped 1st place in the slow amateur class and Ryan and Tyler from Long Beach Mopeds took moped 1st and 2nd place in the Mid Range 8hp class.


Lunch time: Track cruise with all the bikes.



6 videos total

More coming this week …..

Video PART 1


Video PART 2


Video PART 3


Video PART 4


Video PART 5


Video PART 6



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