SoCal race Oct 2013

My favorite Motobecane variated moped racers. It’d be exiting to watch those 3 riders battle it out in a world cup motobecane race!

Ryan Mayer – California, USA   (photo: Carrie Schreck)


Mathieu Desrues – France


Maicon Fuser – Brazil


Great day in the middle of the desert at Grange’ race track last Saturday Oct 19th, 2013 Apple Valley, CA.

pit bikes 008

Group photo by “Gaskettes” moped rider Carrie Schreck @


Thanks Neil Senior the Organizer and all the people who came to support the event.

Next race Sat April 12th, 2014 @ Willow Springs raceway, California

Willow Springs go kart track:

Some of the fast moped racers from Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, should really come to this event and play with us.

You need to email Neil Senior first @


Photo by Juarez JD:

Christophe and Ryan racing the 2 Tomahawk mopeds 50cc Peugeot and Motobecane Sat Oct 19th at Grange’ track.


Here’s a video of the Unlimited Fast Class motor bicycles and mopeds.


1st:    Christophe,  Peugeot 50cc moped

2nd:   Ryan, Motobecane 50cc moped

3rd:    Jeff, custom 200cc bicycle

4th:    Scotto, custom 212cc bicycle

Scoot Tv made it and brought his stretched Honda Hobbit 70cc Athena pimped by tomahawk.



“Knuckleheads” moped racers from Long Beach Mopeds.

Tyler’s super fast Puch Pinto e50 modified case inducted drag motor from Germany with scooter minarelli 70cc h2o Metrakit, polini water pump, stage 6 reeds, 28mm carb flat slide, simonini exhaust, HPI cdi vraiable advance timing, secret clutch set up.


Young dirt bike racer fist time racing with a moped.


Motorized bicycle with diesel engine and electric start.

pit bikes 001


  1. Dimitri Geentjens

    Bonjour chtph I think I like almost all your creations . I woth love to uploud some pictures from you on my pinterest page butt only if yo dont mind. if you dont like it I will not do it Merci beaucou Grts Dimitri

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