“Cups Garage ” Le Garage a Tasses

The french word “tasse” means “cup” and the term “tasse a cafe” (coffee cup) was often used back in the days to describe the mopeds small 50cc engine with the same size of a small espresso coffee cup 5 cl.


Le Garage a Tasses is a French moped club born in 2002 and located in Treignat a small village of Central France.

It all started with a group a 3 friends passionate about vintage mopeds and collecting so many parts that they had to get out of their small personal garage.

After creating an association at the end of 2002 they were able to find a warehouse provided by the city.

In July 2003 they inaugurated their new garage.


New people quickly joined the club and they enjoyed their first group moped rides and break downs…

“moped mo’ problems”



Their garage is also a museum with more than 80 vintage mopeds including brands like Peugeot, Motobecane, Solex, Honda, Garelli, Flandria, Malaguti, Kreidler… from street commuters to race track and off road bikes.

The exhibit hours are Sundays from 2pm to 7pm and the admission fee is 2 euros approximately $2.50.




In the back of the museum they run a non profit moped shop open on Sundays from 2pm to 7pm where any moped owner can use the tools to maintain and fix their bikes or ask questions to some more experienced mechanics.



Thanks for bringing all those mopeds back to life. Keep it up guys!

You can also check out their website by clicking the link below.



  1. David Gabert

    Man! Nowe that is an awesome thing to see! It’s neat to see how people throughout the world all can have something like mopeds in common.

    • tomahawktuning

      Yea. It always feels good to learn that more people across the world have the same passion for 30 to 40 year old vintage mopeds, especially when it’s young 14 year old riders from the modern scooter and motorcycle generation.

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