Bidalot G3 en preparation

Evolutions 2016 pour le mbk vintage de circuit.

Alleger la machine, nouvelle mono coque et bulle, fourche Paioli 30mm reglable, amortisseurs Fournales oleo-pneumatiques, moteur Bidalot G3 europe 2013.

2016 upgrades for the vintage motobecane race bike.

Weight loss, new seat and front fairings, Paioli 30mm adjustable hydraulic fork, Fournales oleo-pneumatic rear shocks, 2013 Bidalot G3 europe engine.



  1. david gabert

    Oh man, Christophe, I love where you went with this build. It gets better and better over time. Whenever I need a moped pick-me-up, I look at the Wonderbread and get re-inspired! Thanks for sharing!

    • tomahawktuning

      Gotta follow the process, learn 50cc G1 air cooled tuning til you master it (2 years minimum), only then step up to learn 50cc G2 h2o tuning til you master it (2 years minimum), only then step up to learn G3 h2o high rpms tuning til you master it, meaning powerful and reliable.
      If you hurry and choose to skip the steps in order to build the most powerful engine with the most powerful parts, you’ll fail and will never learn. There’s no short route to monster 50cc variated power, gotta start with the basics to really understand how your 2 stroke kitted moped engine works.

      • david gabert

        I totally agree with you. It’s clearly the best way to learn about these motors. I’m glad to get to watch you master it! I hope to be able to see this moped in person again.

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