About Tomahawk

Christophe Naulet spent his youth blasting Paris boulevards on 50cc rippers and now builds sick bikes here in Hollywood, CA.  Jamisin cruised da streets of Chicago on a full-fairinged Jawa Ultra-Sport until relocating to L.A. at the turn of the millenium. Armed with an appreciation for 90’s bike aesthetics, a Fast and Furious dvd, and an underground janitor closet, Christophe started bringing the alchemy in 2009 while Jamisin conjured up the literary bacon. As of July 26 with the Tomahawk now at 3/4 throttle, Christophe will take over as main writer for his blogs while Jamisin concentrates on riding club hijinx.-jm


Email: http://www.tomahawkmopeds@ymail.com

Facebook: Tomahawk Mopeds



  1. Peter Goudy

    I get so much from this website. Thanks! Your stuff is amazing. Can you hit me at my email about some work on a 103?

  2. tanner

    hi your site is alsome!! i am about to get a 90s tomos lx and put a 110cc kawasaki motor on it if you have any input email me

    • tomahawktuning

      Sounds rad!
      I’ve never done it but send me some pics of the project and I’ll try to help you if you run into technical obstacles.

  3. tanner

    hi i have a 2000 tomos lx and just got it painted i am about to get a 70cc kit and hi comp head i wanted to turbo it do you know of any turboed mopeds? would you recoment not turboing it? if any one has any input just email me at tannervw@yahoo.com

  4. tomahawktuning

    I’ve never seen a turboed Tomos but that’d be rad! 🙂
    I would stay away from a turbo, it doesn’t work. Just mount your 70cc kit and blast.
    If you still need more speed, save time and headaches by investing in a motorcycle.

  5. Julian Bo Larsen

    Hey! awesome. im a big fan of 2-stroke to. ( build a lot of mopeds to. right now im spending a year in the US (im danish) and id like to know where you can get some of the better parts over here? im looking for mina and hyper engiens. where do you find them? btw i would go for so metakit for your mopeds 😉 its hard to find but it kicks ASS!

  6. tomahawktuning

    I don’t think you’ll be able to find those models in the US but check out ebay or craigslist for moped and scooters. Your closest thing to what you’re used to build in Europe is probably the Yamaha Zuma 50cc 2 stroke available in the US.

  7. Nik

    Noticed one of you duders rode a Jawa. Was this a stock bike or are there any super secret Jawa secrets you could share? Either way, no problemo. Sick site, sick bikes

    • tomahawktuning

      Thx. I think it was a stock Jawa he rode back in the days in Chicago. I don’t know those bikes, no Jawa secrets sorry.

  8. Lucky_fox

    dude I love the bikes you’ve made.

    do you know any good place to get a good moped for cheap? I’ve been searching on craigslist for a top tank’d one and coming up short

  9. Logan

    Your website is super awesome. I am almost regretting getting a 70cc kit for my Puch Maxi, seeing all the power you get from a 50cc. Would love to have you tune my moped.

    • tomahawktuning

      well puch none variated moped piston port kinda need bigger bore for low end power. But with good tuning skills and clutch tuning you could build a fast puch 50cc.


    Hello Guys,
    I am up here in Northern California in Novato by Infinion Raceway, I love your site and the custom work you do! At the moment I have a Magnum that I restored to replica a LTD and a Free spirit rigid that I am beginning build but nothing compared to you art work that just got me going. I am trying to track down a MBK or Peugeot frame and wanted to ask you what model do you find to fit a 6″1′ person. Also I want to build a water cooled motor and set up. I saw you custom swing arms for the peugeots and are those available for purchase. So many question so little space. If you could give me your opinion I would appreciate it also would like to become a customer of your spectacular art for bikes! my credentails mechanic of 25 years (mercedes, BMW, VW, Porsche, also Motocross and trail riding, Street bikes) PS I am trying to talk the owner of REDLINE oil to sponsor a race at infinion raceway do you think there would be enough interest?
    Thanks Peter

    • tomahawktuning

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your interest and glad the blog inspire to build mopeds.

      The best peugeot frame for a tall person is probably the TSM same engine as the 103, but rare to find.
      If you you have to weld you can also adapt a peugeot 103 sub frame to a Puch Magnum frame chopped. There are plenty of parts and h20 kits for peugeot.

      2009 was the best and only real year for moped racing than died slowly in 2010. I tried last year in 2011 to start a new moped race in Northern California but it didn’t work. Not enough interest anymore. I wouldn’t even bother.
      I’m still pushing here in Southern California by supporting a motorized bicycle race organization adding a moped class for very few of us.

      • Joshua Serfes

        Hello! I’ve recently got into the moped world. I live in southern Maine. My father in law found this old 1972 Yamaha u7e moped at the transfer station when he was bringing some stuff over there. They said he could have it. He thought he might mess around with it, and never really got into it with his other projects going on. I forgot he had it, and a month or so ago I was in the garage fixing my wife’s car and saw it! I asked my brother in law what was going on with that. I wanted it. It runs, and needs some work, but nothing too extreme! He gave it to me, and I can keep it there to work on it! Sweet! I’ve found some parts that I need through a website, and ebay. I was wondering if you’ve come across one of these, and what you recommend? I thought of customizing it, but the way the tank is set up, I thought it might not look quite the way I would want it too. I might also be being a Puch frame I found. I would love to build one like the Black bike. The dark green bike and the white bike you did! I think those are so awsome!!!!!! I thought I might be able to make the Yamaha look like that. But it wouldn’t the way the tank is set up! Let me know! Thanks Joshua!

    • tomahawktuning

      I probably won’t sell it for a long time. It’s my personal and show bike. Took me 2 years to finish it.

  11. Nic

    Nice Blog – I like. I`ve learned something
    I prefer Puch Maxi, in US named Newport.
    Thx4 visiting my site.
    Love to all Mopedriders

  12. clinton

    Tomahawk Tuners,

    First off, I love your blogsite. Very inspirational to moped building. I’ve been following a couple builds and I’m wondering how were the performances. The builds are the two shaw gila puchs. I’m just wondering how did the estoril pipe perform versus the motomatic pipe. Any input is welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


    • tomahawktuning


      The estoril pipe performed really well with a wider power band but still good top speed 70 mph.
      Somehow the pipe works better keeping the restricted plate in the convergent cone.

  13. Nick

    Hey! Some amazing builds on this site! Good work! If you don’t mind me asking, how do you attach the metal pull start claw on the e50?

  14. frank

    i would like to know if it wud be possible to sell peugeot 103 gaz moped in canada montreal city? i wud like to distribute peugeot or tomahak ?? products eventually. 50 or 70cc mopeds . are these products available in canada? if so where and when…rgds
    any other web sites like yours and are the tomahawk are originals custom made special order only or are they available for sale in france or US, etc….?

    • tomahawktuning

      I think they used to sell brand new Peugeot 103 Vogue in Canada stock 50cc 30 mph. But not anymore.

      The Tomahawk mopeds are unique custom bikes using vintage frames commissioned by customers and built one at a time. It takes 2 to 3 months between order to delivery.

      No mass production. It’s custom.

  15. clinton

    Which EBR forks from Treats have you been using for your Puch Maxi’s builds (i.e Shaw Build) that work best with a front disc brake setup? Would you offer to custom build me a bracket if needed? Thanks.

  16. Adam Pettys

    The custom Lazer 5 is kick ass! I would love to either buy that Custom Lazer 5 or have you guys do a customization of my own lazer 5. Where can I go to see prices of your custom mopeds, or who can I contact in regards of purchasing a custom moped from you guys? Thanks!

  17. Jake

    I am relatively new to the moped scene. I came across your puch fauxbra on your website and had a few questions about it. How many man hours were put into the build? Looks to be a custom free spirit frame what did you do to change it? Do you have more pictures of it and what was the budget for the build? Thanks

  18. Jake

    Do you guys have more pictures of it? Without the tank and stuff? I want to model my build after this one. Any other info that you think will help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  19. jose

    do you guys modify gilera runner 50cc or piaggio zip 50cc? and also does the twin adaptor for the cylinder work on a 50cc? and if so how can I get it?

    • tomahawktuning

      No we don’t really work on scooters, the gilera runner and piaggio zip are super rare in the US, never seen one.

  20. Rich Swingewood

    Really dig your style.guys. My best is the street fighter. What paint do you guys use, powder coating, duco or epoxy based paints on the frame and rims?
    I have New West Moby that I am fixing up but not sure to keep it original or chop it as I still want the back rack functional.

  21. luis fernandes

    Hi ! I have a Motobecane 1979 vintage . It goes 30 miles ! What I have to do to. go 40 or 50 miles ? What do I have to change on the engine and carborator ? If you can give same information I really appreciate !

  22. Travis

    Great work! I’m interested in having a bike built. Can you shoot me an email to discuss please. Thanks!

  23. mack

    Just wanna say Im happy you bought life back to moped racing in California I miss building and racing moped’s and scooters I’ll soon buy a Sr 50 and put the mighty 2 fast 94cc kit on it and I’m working on importing a Aerox here to the states!
    Stage 6 is working on a twin carter kit like the original canteno miano kit and team christofolini has a carter that will accept a 125cc kart piston for the short piaggio zip motor this is in responce to the mighty C-one malossi motor soon to be released just some secret information for you!

  24. Jonathan

    Hello Tomahawk!

    Love the logo with the Indian, I got some Apache in my blood! But I was wondering about the big bore video where he takes off helllllllaaaaa fast! I want a tomos that’s fast because on the hills of Newport on jamboree, you don’t want to be the Guy on the slow moped holding up traffic! I have a 96 Chevy s10 that I’m trying to sell, maybe you might have an extra bike laying around for a possible trade? Please let me know, but love your work, looks clean and correct!

    • tomahawktuning

      Thanks your positive input.

      I’m French/American protected by and Indian spirit guide man named “Tomahawk”.

      Don’t have any bike right no but can’t ask around if you’re serious about getting a Tomos. Email me.

    • mack

      I love the logo also as I’m Choctaw Native American mix with African American 2 warriors that collided! Nevertheless I will soon be donating money to Tomahawk and watching them closely as i been watching scooter racing and the northern run in the UK! My first moped was a 1977 puch and my first scooter was a 1984 Honda Aero loved them both I’m looking for investors to help start a motogp scooter team and shop I’m at carcajou 105@ yahoo.com

      • mack

        I will support Tomahawk mopeds and let all my old friends know it’s time to blow the dust off them old puch and shoot them over to Tomahawk moped’s they can work their magic and bring them up to date with speed brakes, suspension part,s and join the races so we can all have a blast in a peaceful speed war!

      • tomahawktuning

        Nice projects.

        Great respect for the Native American community even if I don’t know all the history. Hope I represent them well with my logo.

        The moped races take place at Grange’ race track Apple Valley, CA, where the Serrano Indians established camps along the Mojave River during the 18th Century. Really cool reading all the street names and feeling the indian energy in the desert around the track.

  25. Spencer Dodds

    Hi Christophe, I wonder if you get a moment you could advise me of a good Moby parts store in France? I am located in the UK and we only seem to have stores selling stock or vintage parts. I would like to build an engines for my 40T and AU46, Treatlands look great but shipping and Tax is high to the UK and it seems crazy when most of the parts come from Europe in the first place. Thanks for your time. Spencer
    p.s. love your Videos and Mopeds builds!

  26. Guigui

    Hello guy
    Je viens de découvrir tes vidéos depuis la France et j’adore ce que tu fais.
    Continue les videos , c’est super sympa.
    Guillaume, 36 ans. Paris

      • Inalbon maxime

        Bonjour je voudrais vous demandez comment avez vous fait pour avoir les deux phares sur le Puch maxi n vert militaire ?

      • Kris

        Hi Chris ped nearly done a quick question running a 19mm delorto carb on a Polini 70cc av10 kit with a er3 varriator. Have you any advise on jetting for carb running a dopplar exhust ?.another question what weights to run on varriator cheers kris

  27. giovanni lema

    Hey guys awesome site. Been a fan for a little while. Have a question. Where do you guys get your hydraulic forks and the mag wheels from. I have been serching was web but cant seem to find any. Living all the way in Bermuda doesn’t help because certain things we never had here. If you could point me in the right direction it would be great. Thx

  28. 44540 maumusson

    Je viens de terminé une mob qui me rappelé le vieux temps la gordini tu peux me donner ton avis regarde sur Facebook yvonnick henri merci d’avance

  29. Josh

    Hey. I saw the video about a new moped club and you guys doing rally’s. Id really like to join everyone in a ride but the video is in french and i cant understand it.

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