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TOMAHAWK CUP 2014, build it, tune it, race it!

Gift bags are in with http://www.treatland.tv logo, big sponsor of the Tomahawk Cup. Preregister to get your bag full of swag, then use these beautys to haul your groceries home. See you at the Cup!


FREE  7 food passes inside the gift bags for pre registered people at http://tomahawkcup.com/


FREE Raffle race bike Puch maxi 65cc polini MLM Cali pipe build by LB mopeds, tomahawk custom paint white light pearl, blue powder coated wheels.


FREE Tomahawk Cup big US moped race/rally/party weekend event coming to Southern California in May 15-19th 2014 at Grange’ motor circuit Apple Valley, CA.


Sponsors and organizers: Fink’s Moped, Treatland, Tomahawk Mopeds, LB Mopeds, 1977mopeds, Choke Moped store, Scoot TV, Woolly Bullies, The Gaskettes, Los Chupacabras, The Unreliables.

Only 10 weeks before the event. Bring your bike, friends and family to this epic event not to be missed.

Join the group event Facebook page. Here http://www.facebook.com/groups/231324113658523/


Pre register on the official website as a spectator or racer to get your FREE T-shirt and check out the schedule, classes, safety rules and maps.

200 men’s and women’s white T-shirts being made in S, M, L, XL, XXL size.


Register here http://www.tomahawkcup.com/


Here’s the schedule. Saturday evening FREE Raffle Bike by LB mopeds = Puch Maxi e50 Polini 65cc race moped, custom paint,mag wheels, EBR fork, front disc brake! The winner has to race it on Sunday during the Finals.


FREE Fink’s Moped show all weekend judged by the Gaskettes with up to $600 in prizes, race bikes included.


Full Moon Friday night desert ride with the Woolly Bullies and Saturday night costume party with the Gaskettes.



Event Map. FREE Camping.


Racers can Reserve their spot in the PIT by emailing “Christophe” tomahawkmopeds@ymail.com


Grange’ motor circuit info. http://www.grangeracetrack.com/contact_us.htm


Saturday HEAT races + FUN Bullies race. Sunday CUP Finals.

4 classes = Sotckish 15 carb + pipe all mopeds, 1 – 2 speed mopeds 75cc max, variated mopeds 75cc max, unlimited 99cc max.

Lots of fast racers coming from across the US. Landsquids, Lost Boys racers Scrament0 CA, Tomahawk and LB moped Los Angeles CA, Puddle Cutters racers Portland OR, Nema racers NY, Nebraska racers, 1977mopeds unveiling their new moped, and more….

Random pictures of moped projects coming to the event.

t9EEDiP1526816_579317495469814_1868788046_nIMG_1198_zps1f4a0c3afront to back pipe view1395879_10201411232496404_1544084950_nIMG_20130525_190437DSCF3195

Mbk 51 MG Street Fighter

SOLD $ 6,000

Mean looking and monster fast Motobecane 50cc Polini h2o 70 mph custom moped ready to blast through the dark streets of downtown LA late at night… if you happen to be awake you might get lucky and enjoy the sound of its screaming 2 stroke motor 15 hp 13,500 rpms.


Los Angeles-20131213-02388

Los Angeles-20131213-02389

Los Angeles-20131213-02390Los Angeles-20131213-02384Los Angeles-20131213-02379Los Angeles-20131213-02380Los Angeles-20131213-02377Los Angeles-20131213-02385

Los Angeles-20131213-02392Los Angeles-20131213-02396

MBK Magnum XR F1 Assistance

The only one in the US.


Los Angeles-20131118-02190

Los Angeles-20131118-02187

Los Angeles-20131118-02185

Los Angeles-20131118-02196

Los Angeles-20131118-02181

Los Angeles-20131118-02184

Los Angeles-20131118-02192

Los Angeles-20131118-02186

Los Angeles-20131118-02191

Los Angeles-20131118-02194

Made in America


I selected random pictures posted on the Moped Army forum about moped work shops across the US.


It feels good to see so many mopeds being brought back to life in basements, garages, living rooms and even mobile vans.

Keep it up America!


my moped shop and my moped girl













SoCal race Oct 2013

My favorite Motobecane variated moped racers. It’d be exiting to watch those 3 riders battle it out in a world cup motobecane race!

Ryan Mayer – California, USA   (photo: Carrie Schreck)



Mathieu Desrues – France



Maicon Fuser – Brazil



Great day in the middle of the desert at Grange’ race track last Saturday Oct 19th, 2013 Apple Valley, CA.

pit bikes 008

Group photo by “Gaskettes” moped rider Carrie Schreck @ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152562309040110.1073741837.272315020109&type=1


Thanks Neil Senior the Organizer and all the people who came to support the event.

Next race Sat April 12th, 2014 @ Willow Springs raceway, California


Willow Springs go kart track:

Some of the fast moped racers from Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, should really come to this event and play with us.

You need to email Neil Senior first @ MotorBicycleRacing@gmail.com


Photo by Juarez JD:

Christophe and Ryan racing the 2 Tomahawk mopeds 50cc Peugeot and Motobecane Sat Oct 19th at Grange’ track.


Here’s a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5mByoGZhoA of the Unlimited Fast Class motor bicycles and mopeds.


1st:    Christophe,  Peugeot 50cc moped

2nd:   Ryan, Motobecane 50cc moped

3rd:    Jeff, custom 200cc bicycle

4th:    Scotto, custom 212cc bicycle

Scoot Tv made it and brought his stretched Honda Hobbit 70cc Athena pimped by tomahawk.



“Knuckleheads” moped racers from Long Beach Mopeds.

Tyler’s super fast Puch Pinto e50 modified case inducted drag motor from Germany with scooter minarelli 70cc h2o Metrakit, polini water pump, stage 6 reeds, 28mm carb flat slide, simonini exhaust, HPI cdi vraiable advance timing, secret clutch set up.


Young dirt bike racer fist time racing with a moped.


Motorized bicycle with diesel engine and electric start.

pit bikes 001


Only one week…. come race with us. Next race Saturday Oct 19th, 2013 from 8am to 5pm at Grange’ motor circuit 20455 Central Rd, Apple Valley, California. ‎


Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc Bidalot engine rebuild new piston ring and seals.

Los Angeles-20131016-01975Los Angeles-20131017-01978

Los Angeles-20131018-01987

Puch e50 one speed 70cc h20 case inducted by LB Mopeds (Los Angeles)


Back from the Woolly Bullies Moped Rally in Los Angeles Sept 20-22, 2013.


Best rally in a long time! about 150 people registered, about 120 mopeds Saturday ride, best parties, free food, free beer, free rally pack, free t-shirts, etc….

Thanks to all the Bullies and Gaskettes moped gang members for the hard work, Choke moped store, all the sponsors and all the mopeders who came from all over the country and made it a such a special event.

It was good to see old friends and meet new people.

Hope we do it again next year, bigger and better!

Los Angeles-20130921-01895

Photos from Saturday’s meeting at Choke moped store.

Los Angeles-20130921-01891Los Angeles-20130921-01889

Los Angeles-20130921-01901Los Angeles-20130921-01903

Los Angeles-20130921-01896Los Angeles-20130921-01898


A tour bus trapped in the middle of 100+ mopeds up in Hollywood Hills Mulholland Drive.


Sunday ride at Venice Beach.


The lucky winner of the Tomahawk-Bullies raffle bike is…….

TERRY DEAN CAIN awesome moped builder from Sacramento and member of “Los Dorados” moped gang.

You can see how the bike ends on his blog but also follow all his other custom mopeds here at http://www.terrydean.wordpress.com


Footage by Honest Mike “Scoot TV”. Thx dude!


1- Friday night ride video:


2- Saturday ride video:


3- More Saturday footage Mulholland ride in Hollywood Hills, to pacific ocean, sunset Blvd, party downtown LA.


BONUS VIDEO by Will Parrish


My moped for the weekend:

Peugeot 103 lvs 1978.

Bidalot 50cc kit, stock cases 3 ports, Artek crank, single flat reed polini, Bidalot intake 19mm, dell orto 19mm carb, Ninja G2 carte noir exhaust, motobecane stock cdi, Doppler er3 variator, Doppler clutch pulley modified, Doppler spring,  malossi belt, 11×52.

Very fast take offs, lots of torque, quickly gets to top speed 65+mph

Photo of the bike after Saturday’s engine carnage.

Los Angeles-20130922-01906

June 1st 2013 Race Results

Here they are…. first ones on the U.S. soil,  thanks Bidalot!


Bidalot #1 company in motobecane performance parts for 30 years is fabricating new vintage 50cc racing kits air cooled and h20.

G1 air cooled 12 hp – G2 h2o 15 hp – G3 h20 18 hp

My Bidalot 50cc G1 air cooled round exhaust is on its way from France… can’t wait!

2 versions: Round exhaust 6 transfer ports / Bridge exhaust 5 transfer ports.



$800 FOR SALE.   SOLD !

Los Angeles-20130718-01453

60+mph Motobecane av10 50cc 11hp engine running strong with good compression and already tuned with less than a 100 miles (one day at the track and some street test runs).

All the parts brand new will cost you $900. So you get the same motor for $800 low miles + free assembly and tuning session it which is the hardest part… I usually charge $400 to build and tune those 50cc rippers.

Set up: Stock cases port matched, teknix crank (strong and tested at the track), FAG bearings, Doppler 50cc kit slightly ported, Doppler 50cc head, stock cdi, Doppler er3 variator (no clutch function, needs a clutch pulley and a doppler belt), Doppler reeds, Doppler intake, Dell’orto 19mm carb black race, custom carb bracket, custom launch lever bracket.

Does NOT come with belt, stock engine spring, doppler exhaust, or launch lever. I can provide some weights to retuned the variator if needed with your pulley type, engine spring and final gearing.

Another great day at the track.


Thanks Neil the SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event organizer, Ryan and Travis local racers, LB mopeds, Mike scoot TV, Arrow Motorized Cycles, Joker Motorcycle, and everybody who came to support the race.

NEXT RACE:    Saturday  OCTOBER 19th 2013   GRANGE TRACK    Apple Valley, Southern California


Photo: Scotto (right) won 1st place unlimited class talking to Brian (left) from http://www.nashmoto.com/ won 1st place in Mid Range 8hp class.


RESULTS for the Chinese Bicycle PRO class:

SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing: Grange Motor Circuit.
June 1st 2013 10 Lap Final:

(David Rust, Master tuner and owner of Arrow Motorized Cycles)


66 cc 2 STROKE PRO CLASS Chinese Motor Bicycles ONLY:

1st:         # 88  Jim Rust.                 ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
2nd:       # 57  Kevin Takahushi.    PISTON BIKES
3rd:       # 87  Jeff Fitzgerald.         ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
4th:       # 68  Norm Neal.               VENICE MOTOR BIKES [non Pro bike]

Did Not Finish :   Flat front tire.   #89    Ryan Scruggs     ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES

Results for the 11hp + Unlimited class:

1st         # 3       Scotto               Motor Bicycle 212cc 4 stroke

2nd       # 191   Ryan Mayer     Tomahawk Moped Motobecane 50cc single variated 2 stroke

3rd       # 99     Brian                 Motor Bicycle 160cc 4 stroke


Scotto uses a Harbor Freight Generator Motor 212cc 4 stroke $99 on sale, modified combustion chamber, race exhaust, Tomar racing clutch, bigger carb. He’s trying to start a new race class using the cheap 99cc Motor on his blue bike. Check out all the other cheap pull start motors from 79cc to 212cc made in China sold at a local Harbor Freight store in Los Angeles or online. They even have a 420cc motor for $600.

Los Angeles-20130607-01280Los Angeles-20130607-01286Los Angeles-20130607-01284Los Angeles-20130607-01285


More coming this week …..

Mid Range class 8hp morning Heat 1 race:



Race Motor Bicycles:


Race mopeds:


Moped trophies hand made by Ryan Mayer and Travis local racers. Honest Mike Scoot TV took moped 1st place in the slow amateur class and Ryan and Tyler from Long Beach Mopeds took moped 1st and 2nd place in the Mid Range 8hp class.


Lunch time: Track cruise with all the bikes.



6 videos total

More coming this week …..

Video PART 1


Video PART 2


Video PART 3


Video PART 4


Video PART 5


Video PART 6


Race time again!

Race time again!

The moped racers from Long Beach Mopeds http://lbmopeds.com/ are getting ready for this coming weekend race event at Grange’ race track http://www.grangeracetrack.com/contact_us.htm in Southern California Saturday June 1st, 2013 organized by SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing https://www.facebook.com/MotorizedBicycleRacing?fref=ts


Here’s a video at the LB Mopeds shop last night by Honest Mike Scoot TV

Honest Mike Scoot TV is going to be racing on the track this weekend for the 1st time! Here’s his Peugeot 103 “Mantis” Polini 70cc.


Here are some LB mopeds race bikes:

Tyler’s Puch Magnum E50 one speed 64cc Polini.


Jake’s Honda Hobbit 70cc:


Ryan’s Puch Pinto 70cc K-Star:


Other mopeds are coming from Los Angeles. If you want to sign up for the race go to https://www.facebook.com/events/612103012135669/

Some motorized bicycles racing this weekend:



Joker’s motor bicycles 212cc Harbor Freight Predator and 250cc Briggs and Stratton 1150 electric start motor:



Check out the Joker Machine Racing’s video of the action in the very popular and competitive Midrange Class taken from Richard’s #78 Honda CG 160 at the April 2012 SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event on April 2012.

The Joker Machine team will be racing this Sat June 1st 2013 at Grange Motor Circuit.


Tomahawk Motobecane 50cc air cooled race moped.

Los Angeles-20130530-01260

I won’t bring or race my Peugeot 50cc h2o moped to have more time to enjoy the races, bring some footage and help with the organization but Ryan a local racer will be racing my Motobecane 50cc air cooled moped.

Here’s the latest video:


Tomashop May 2013

What’s going on at the shop?

MOBY Malossi 50cc H2o:

Melvin is working on his new single variated moped Motobecane 50cc h2o malossi street blaster mono shock project.

We bought a cheap used Kawasaki KX 65 hydraulic fork that Melvin converted for the motobecane frame.
Tubes shortened 5″. Moby frame tube cut 1/2″. Original KX 12mm axle converted to 10mm motobecane 6 star wheel axle with cheap hardware store sleeves 98 cents, which was easier than machining the hub for a new 12mm bearing and still plenty strong for a street moped.

Los Angeles-20130523-01243

Melvin is too busy so I helped him build the av10 50cc h20 malossi engine, stock cases port matched, malossi crank, FAG bearings, stock cdi, doppler er3 variator, custom kick start plate for future scooter mechanical water pump, doppler 2 petal reeds, doppler manifold, 19mm carb, conti exhaust.

Melvin with his completed moby malossi 50cc h2o engine already laughing thinking about all the mopeds and scooters he’s gonna blast in the streets of LA.

Los Angeles-20130520-01229Los Angeles-20130525-01247

Scoot TV HONDA Hobbit:

We’re upgrading “Scoot TV” Honest Mike’s Honda Hobbit with a new race crank 17mm variator side, Athena 70cc kit, 70cc moped factory head (the decompressor valve was bent and would close all the creating an air leak no compression, I had to replace it with a stock one, double check your decomp before installation), 21mm malossi carb kit, dual stage flat reeds, proma exhaust, stiffer rear shocks, new tires, new petcock, cleaning the tank and shortening the turn signals. The goal is to keep stock looking as much as possible with faster 70cc commuting engine.

Los Angeles-20130523-01244Los Angeles-20130523-01245

MOBY Polini 50cc h20:

I’m done with the radiator mount and the temporary electric water pump until with we fabricate a mount for the scooter mecahnical water pump. I’m still working on the FOX mono shock mount having issues with the stiffness. I may have to double it up with a 2nd shock mounted close to the seat tube through the swing arm and attached below with a link or start all over with a stiffer motorcycle shock, or forget about the mono shock hard tail look and add 2 cheap small shocks on each side of the swing arm.

Los Angeles-20130517-01221

Los Angeles-20130521-01234Los Angeles-20130522-01237

PUCH Maxi E50 case inducted Minarelli Airsal 50cc h2o race bike:

I’m done with setting the port timing and fabricating the aluminum base plates and paper gaskets. I still need to install 2 center pins to line up the cylinder and the head. Then I’m ready assemble  the motor.


Los Angeles-20130520-01233Los Angeles-20130521-01235

Two center pins done.

Los Angeles-20130527-01255

IMG-20130527-01250Los Angeles-20130527-01253

Motorized Bicycle / Moped race :

I’m getting ready for the 2nd race of 2013 organized by SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing June 1st, 2013 at Grange’ race track in Southern California Apple Valley.

Mopeds are invited to participate. Here’s the facebook page event if you want to sign up in advance: https://www.facebook.com/events/612103012135669/615931291752841/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

I won’t be racing my Peugeot 50cc h2o moped to spend more time enjoying the event, helping with the organization, the mopeds racers in the pit, and bring some footage. But I will bring my moby 50cc air cooled race moped with new chassis upgrades for Ryan a local racer and hopefully get some better lap times with the same motor.

Check out Ryan’s helmet recently spray painted black with a tomahawk logo and those beautiful motorized bicycle trophies CNC machined by Joker Machine Motorcycles.




Back from the SoCal race April 13th

Another fun day at the track racing mopeds and motorized bicycles.


Thx Neil the organizer for inviting the mopeds to the event, all the volunteers, motorized bicycle/moped riders for coming out and make it another successful event.

The next race is Saturday June 1st, 2013. We’re thinking about renting a U-Haul truck to load a couple of mopeds from Los Angeles area and encourage more moped riders to come play with us. Email Tomahawk Mopeds if you’re interested.




After a fun and very close battle Tomahawk Peugeot 103 rcx 50cc moped (no pedals) won 1st place in the unlimited fast class (11hp and up), Scott motorized bicycle racer 212cc 4T took 2nd place, and Ryan local moped builder finished 3rd place with the Tomahawk Motobecane av10 50cc moped.

Combined 11 HP Bikes class + UnLimited Class + NoPeds +eBikes:

1st: #174 Chris Naulet – 2 Stroke 50cc TOMAHAWK TUNING NOPED
2nd: #3 scotto- 4 Stroke 212cc Predator HF 1st: Motorized Bike
3rd: #191 Ryan Mayer – 2 Stroke 50cc TOMAHAWK TUNING NOPED


In the MID RANGE class, Steve motorized bicycle racer won 1st place, and Tyler moped racer from Long Beach “Knuckleheads mopeds” took 2nd place with his Puch once speed  65cc polini.

Mid Range (8hp) + Mopeds:

1st: #8 magrider 4 Stroke Honda GX 120
2nd: #199 Tyler Moped Puch one speed 2 Stroke 65cc polini
3rd: #79 Gbrebes Gilbert 4 Stroke 5 hp Briggs

3- Chinese 66cc PRO CLASS:

David’s 3 official riders at Arrow Motorized Cycles team took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the PRO class 2 stroke 66cc 2 stroke Chinese motorized bicycle only.

2nd: #87 Jeff Fitzgerald ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES
3rd: #89 Ryan Scruggs ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES

4- Chinese 66cc AMATEUR CLASS:

Here are the results for the 66 cc 2 Stroke AMATEUR Class:

1st: #68 VeniceMotorBikes Norm ( Pistonbikes.com Grubee Aluminum Gas Tank Frame )
2nd: #59 headtrama Andy ( JnMotorsBikes.com Walbro Stage 1 Carb w Adapter )
3rd: #73 John K. ( CRmachine.com Billet Aluminum Head )


Custom motorized bike by “Big Boy Cycles” with a turbo charged and fuel injected Honda 114cc 4T automatic motor with electric start.


Another “Big Boy Cycles” custom bike, twin Chinese 50cc motors, and  a stock Chinese bicycle in the amateur slow class.


Tomahawk mopeds with pegs Peugeot 50cc (estimated 14hp) 1st place and Motobecane av1o doppler 50cc (estimated 10hp) 3rd place in the unlimited fast class.


Monster bicycle 212cc 4T Harbor Freight Predator motor with lots of custom bits (estimated 18hp)


Mid range class (12hp max) motorized bicycles.


Quadricycle 196cc 4T Harbor Freight motor, and Motobecane “7″ moped for sale.


“Knuckleheads” race mopeds from Long Beach, Jake’s Honda Hobbit 70cc, Tyler’s Puch top tank one speed 65cc polini, Puch Pinto one speed 70cc Kstar, plus Sophorn’s Puch Maxi one speed Gilardoni 74cc.




1- Video Part 1, Morning in the pit after all the heat races.


2- Video Part 2, Afternoon main race Chinese 2 Stroke 66cc PRO class.


3- Video part 3, Afternoon main race MID RANGE class (8hp).


4- Video part 4, Morning heat race combining 12hp + UNLIMITED class.


5- Video part 5, Afternoon main race combining 12hp + UNLIMITED class.



- Motobecane TEKNIX crank $75 available at TREATS put to the test.



Video Part 1


Video Part 2


- Motobecane STOCK cdi “Le Partie” available at TREATS put to the test.



Video Part 1


Video Part 2


Ca se prepare


Photo from the last race event in October 2012. Tomahawk 50cc mopeds won 1st and 2nd place in the fast class.


Getting ready for the SoCal motorbicycle race event at Grange’ race track April 13th in Victorville, Apple Valley.

Je me prepare pour la course velo motorise’ au sud de la Californie au circuit Grange’ Avril 13 a Victorville, Apple Valley.


Mopeds are invited to the Saturday April 13th SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing extravaganza. Please have your safety gear, DOT helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, ankle protecting footwear.

Areal video of Grange’ raceway… rad!

- Moby 50cc air cooled:

I sold my bidalot engine and rebuilt quickly a 50cc doppler engine for the Arpil race. I’m using a cheap Teknix crank $75 to put it to the test and a stock cdi “Le partie” $75 from Treatland.tv with a new high quality coil.

J’ai vendu mon moteur G1 bidalot et rapidement remonte’ un moteur 50cc doppler pour la course d’Avril. J’utilise un vilo Teknix $75 que je veux tester et un allumage origine $75 a Treatland.tv avec une nouvelle bobine interne de meilleure qualite’.


Cheap Motobecane Teknix crank and cdi from Treatland.tv





Moby 50cc video test run:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7ZJOdLB8_8&list=UUpmRXys5jX0-1m51Xh0Ixew&index=2

The transmission 11×59 is tuned for quick acceleration at the short go kart track with top speed 55-60 mph max at the end of the straight away.

La transmission est regle’ a 11×59 pour favoriser les accelerations sur le petit circuit de kart avec vitesse de pointe max 90-95 kmh au bout de la ligne droite.

- Peugeot RCX 50cc h2o Bidalot:

Since the last race fall 2012, I stiffened the EBR fork, cut off some of the clutch pulley shoes for better take offs and accelerations, also went up 2 teeth from 72 to 74 rear sprocket to be quicker off the turn since the bike couldn’t hit top speed on the short straight away.

Depuis la derniere course automne 2012, j’ai durci la fourche EBR, couper la gomme des machoires de poulie pour des meilleurs departs et accelerations, aussi monte’ de 2 dents de 72 a 74 sur la couronne pour des sortie de virage plus rapide vu que la machine n’atteignait pas sa vitesse de pointe dans la ligne droite assez courte.



Video first start:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPVhvkBtcEs&list=UUpmRXys5jX0-1m51Xh0Ixew&index=1


“Corrida super moby interlagos”

Motobecane moped race in Brazil March 31, 2013. Photos by Thiago Pinheiro.



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wQ8zRw9geU&feature=youtu.be


For fun:

Electric scooter E-Speed concept by KTM Austrian brand revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Electric motor: power 11 kW- torque 36 Nm – speed 53 mph

Lithium-ion battery 4.36 KWh

40 mile range

Regenerative braking system to recycling some electricity to the battery



For commuting:

Electric scooter XO2 by XOR Motors:

100% developed and manufactured by a young south of France company. The scooter should hit the market very soon in 2013 in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, after a lot of interest shown at the 2012 ECMA biggest international motorcycle show in Milan. There’s also a lot of interest from buyers in Asia, Singapore, Japan.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=usaMzqoV8Tk&NR=1

Price: 3,100 euros ($4,000)

100% approved by the European safety regulations.

Long lasting motor 100,000 miles, zero friction, zero engine parts ware.

Electric motor brush less 8 KW – 75 mph top speed with some of the fastest acceleration for a scooter

50 mile range

Battery fully charged in 2 hours

The scooter can be folded in 20 seconds and legally carried on trains or subways.

XOR_XO2 (2)

Video: Electric XO2 scooter vs Yamaha Xmax 125cc #1 sold scooter in France


Tomashop updates

I haven’t been posting articles as frequently as in the past for few reasons.

I’ve been very busy… writing and keeping up a blog takes a lot of time. I didn’t want to saturate the blog with too many articles making it difficult for the new blog readers to catch up having to go back through so many previous posts. I started to post more about the Tomahawk activities on the right side of the main page but realized that a lot of people only surf the web with their iPhone and completely miss all the frequent updates because the right side is not displayed on their small phone screen.

Some people have asked me to start posting more, so here’s what’s going on a the Tomashop…

- DUAL 103 SOLD:

I just finished the Dual Variated Peugeot 103 and sold it to a friend for $2,300 a steal considering the rareness of that set up, some of the vintage Polini and Giraudo parts, the amount of work, powder coating, disc brake, etc… My consolation is that it stays within the family and will be taken care of. It’s a unique piece of art that we won’t find in the streets anytime soon.

I’m hoping to do a good photo shoot sometime in the beginning of April and maybe bring a video.


This is not a top speed bike more like a cruiser with 50 mph top speed. By design a dual variated transmission absorbs a lot of the engine’s true power and needs to constantly rev high. It makes it harder to tune the transmission for perfect overall power.


Polini air cooled 50cc W kit ported – Vintage Polini 50cc h2o head – Polini cases small reeds – Doppler crankshaft small taper – MVT internal cdi variable advance – Dell orto 19mm carb – Simonini circuit pipe (just for the photo) but changed to Giannelli Black Gun better high rpm pipe – stock clutch – Vintage Giraudo variator – Vintage dual variated swing arm – Yamaha Zuma scooter radiator – Polini water pump modified with timing belt pulleys.


1989 Peugeot 103 frame flat tank sides, imported from France – Honda CT70 rear gas shocks 330mm – Peugeot seat with custom upholstery – EBR hydraulic fork – custom disc brake adapted to stock 1978 spoke wheel – Tomahawk fork brace – Red candy apple and Flat black powder coating.

- MOTOBECANE AV10 – 90′s MBK Magnum Racing XR F1 Assistance:

This is a restoration project for a customer.

Los Angeles-20130321-01013

A super rare moped that we won’t see anytime soon in the US, on a blog or even less running on the streets. It took the owner at least a year to hunt and import all the parts from France. We’re going to try to restore the bike close to the 90′s stock looking version with that original hot pink paint by importing an MBK scooter model small fairing with the exact same paint match, the vintage moped pink fairing is too rare and too expensive. But the motor won’t be 50cc h20, it will be a Parmakit 70cc air cooled for now.

The original 90′s F1 Assistance (stock 50cc h20, kick start, disc brake, etc… $1,600 back then) and the Tomahawk project:

2353060099_1Los Angeles-20130208-00775


1996 Scooter MBK Rocket F1 assistance series fairings that we need for a color match:

dsc01169 3075938919_2_3_NF3UaqB4

I just got the stock hydraulic 30mm Paioli fork back from polishing satin finish and already rebuilt it with new oil and dust seals imported from France by Yamaha Genuine parts.

Los Angeles-20130311-00947Los Angeles-20130320-01010

- TOMAHAWK Moby av10 race bike 2013:

I built a new Polini 50cc h2o stock cases 21mm carb for my motobecane race moped but the chassis upgrades are far from being done, radiator, electric water pump, battery, temperature gauge, square swing arm, aluminum launch lever, 3 star mag wheels, custom bracket for rear aluminum sprockets, 250mm scooter disc brake, grimeca caliper, custom bracket, Paioli 30mm adjustable hydraulic fork missing 2 special aluminum washers to be machined.


Mbk Booster front 250mm disc by Doppler, perfect bolt pattern match for the Mbk 51 magnum 3 star front wheel.

Los Angeles-20130318-00996Los Angeles-20130318-01001

There’s a motorized bicycle race event in Southern California coming soon Saturday April 13 at Grange’ race track in Victorville. Few mopeds are invited and I want to bring that bike to the track as well as my Peugeot RCX 50cc h20. So I need a temporary engine.

I’ve just rebuilt a ported air cooled 50cc Doppler kit, stock cases, 19 carb and will also use that oportunity to test the cheap Teknix crank $75 and a new high quality internal ignition coil replacement for the stock cdi $75 “Le partie” sent by https://www.treatland.tv/motobecane-CDI-p/motobecane-cdi-ignition.htm

Los Angeles-20130320-01011418919_464068166997634_1252697652_n

I’ll bring some reviews on the Teknix crank and cdi internal coil after the race in April.

I’ve already made the Part 1 videos. Check out those links:

Teknix crank – Part 1


Internal coil – Part 1


Fun at the track

Good time last Friday Feb 1st, 2013 at the Grange’ race track in Apple Valley (1h30 from Los Angeles), watching a private moped race event organized by Fink’s moped store in San Diego.


I met a very good group of people that might come back to Grange’ in April to participate in the Southern California motorized bicycle/moped event, first official race of the season 2013.

Here are few pics and a video of my trip to the track…


Check out their facebook page Fink’s Moped Co-Op



Fink’s moped crew at Grange’ track:




Tyler of “Knuckleheads” moped gang from Long Beach-Los Angeles, ripping his kitted 70cc Derbi Variant in the straight:


Mike of “Woolly Bullies” moped gang in Los Angeles, looking for leftover chili inside Chris Hernandez beetle car and shooting guns during the race’s lunch break.




Video of my trip to the race:


First official Motobecane moped race in Brazil January 20th, 2013:







On board video:

Maicon Fuser #1 moby street racer/tuner and Super Moto professional rider showing his amazing skills during practice laps with his yellow moby XR tubular frame 70cc air cooled. I think he won the race event.

(At the beginning of the video, check out how Vinicius Magnusson from Facebook/Moby Racing starts his moby er3 variator idler bearing function with the “cardboard trick”, he needs a Tomahawk Pull Start :) )


Puch E50 racing in Switzerland.



FRENCH MOPED RACING 50cc variated:

Vintage photo: Peugeot 103 dual variated 50cc race moped.


The top teams are gearing up for the 2013 season:





Bidalot RS 50cc variated technology, Neo CNC machined cases with Derbi euro Bidalot Factory 50cc race kit, Mykitech race pulley with custom lightened clutch bell with aluminum fins.





Bialot 50cc custom CNC cases with cooling fins+ cylinder head + intake manifold + variator + lightened Bidalot clutch pulley + mbk av10 aluminum swing arm.





Neo cases for monster moped

The 10 first Neo cases made in France.

550 euros for the cases bolts included + 120 euros for the variator shaft adpater

or 600 euros for complete pack cases + adapter

Uses Derbi euro 2 crankshaft, seals ans bearings 6204, all cylinder kits, stock or internal cdi and stock reed block or V force 3 Honda CR85.


CNC machined cases for variated mopeds using all Derbi Euro 2 engine parts. All h2o cylinder kits 50cc to 90cc (25+ hp). Plus a special machined shaft to adapt the motobecane moped variator malossi variotop 115mm, combined with a good modified heavy duty clutch pulley like Doppler or other.



Special shaft adapter for malossi moped variator 120 euros:


Malossi moped variator:


Derbi euro 2 50cc 6 speed engine:





New 2013 MXS racing kit 90cc GP  for Minarelli horizontal, Minarelli AM6, Derbi euro 2, euro 3 + racing exhaust 90cc GP + crankshafts stroke 46mm – rod 90mm.

Stock with no modifications 25- 27 hp. With racing combustion chamber 29 hp.





Feb 2013, new Airsal 50mm kit 7 transfer ports and new tech bridge exhaust + 2 auxiliary ports.

Uses stock crank stroke available for 6 speed Derbi euro 2, euro 3, AM6 engines and Minarelli scooter engines.



Other CNC product by Neo:

Minarelli scooter engine twin cases adapter.

BONUS PICS:  Drag scooters


Desert Moped Race

Saturday October 20th 2012 at Grange’ race track Apple Valley, California.

Come beat Tomahawk’s ass at the next moped race October 20th 2012 at Grange’ Race Track. It’s a motorized bicycle event but mopeds are invited and may have their own class. My 50cc race mopeds don’t have pedals so I’m already disqualified according to rules and can’t win any trophy, but I’ll come to play with my fellow moped racers from Los Angeles.

I always get up too late, then load my 2 bikes + equipment, get a cup of a coffee + french croissant, stop at 7-eleven to buy my lunch turkey sandwich + orange juice :). I often miss the practice session setting up my canopy and tools, but I’ll be there to support moped racing. See you around 10 AM!

Track fees: Spectators $10, Racers $35

If you plan on participating can you please email Tomahawk with a pic of your moped + engine size, stock or unfinished race project, so I can post them in this article. That’d be really cool thx. Knowing in advance how many mopeds are coming could help organizing the classes and make a trophy.  The race is coming soon so get your bike ready!

Here are the 2 race mopeds 50cc I’m bringing to the track (no pedals):

1- Motobecane av10 50cc  air cooled Bidalot. Total budget $1200 including used/new/free engine parts, used rolling chassis ($150 bought in LA), custom paint.

Before (1978 stock av7)                                           After (race moped Bidalot av10)

2- Peugeot 103 Rcx 50cc h20 Bidalot. Total budget $4000 including complete bike’s expensive shipping cost from France in 2009 for the first air cooled version + latest chassis and h20 engine upgrade 2010/2011.

Before (2009 French fairing version)                        After (2012 US no faring version)

Motobecane av10 50cc first start June 2011:


Thank you all the racers and volunteers for supporting motor bicycle/moped racing and making it another great successful event!

For more pics and stories from the bicycle racers check the motor bicycle official forum at motorbicycling.com

- FAST CLASS bicycle/moped:

1st:    Christophe with Tomahawk Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc h20 moped 13/14 hp (estimated)

2nd:   Ryan with Tomahawk Motobecane av10 50cc air cooled moped 11 hp (estimated)

3rd:   Morini 50cc h20 bicycle 11.5 hp (dyno)

4th:   200cc 4 stroke bicycle 16+ hp (estimated)

- MID RANGE CLASS bicycle/moped:

1st:    Puch Maxi moped from Ventura

2nd and 3rd: bicycles


Another fun day on the track! I want to thank Neil the organizer and the bicycle racers for letting us compete in their event, and all the moped racers who came, all the “knuckleheads” racers from Long Beach ( South LA), Puch racers from Ventura County (West LA), Ryan and Curtis local racers (Apple Valley desert) who brought a home made dyno and an umbrella girl!

Next year 2013 we need more umbrella girls and moped racers from Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County and even San Diego! If we have enough racers and room in the bicycle schedule it would be great to create and fit 2 moped classes 80cc limit: 1) Non-variated Puch-Tomos… 2) Variated Motobecane , Derbi, Peugeot, Honda… If not we will still play in the bicycles slow, mid range and fast class.


- Tyler “Knucklehead” Derbi 70cc racer in the Tomahawk pit early morning, local racers Curtis,umbrella girl and Ryan loading the bikes late afternoon:

- Knuckleheads race mopeds from Long Beach:

The Puch maxi on the right is FOR SALE $500. I rode it on the track and it feels really good.

- Amazing Puch moped racer from Ventura County who won 1st place in the bicycle mid range class. He rides his moped so much in his neighborhood that he’s super comfortable and very quick on the track.

- Sophorn Sin with his red chopper Chinese bicycle who also owns a Puch maxi moped and goes to every single bicycle or moped event driving miles across California and other states with his Suzuki mini truck. He’ll be at the San Francisco moped rally next month November 2012. Super rad dude! Plus photos of other race motor bicycles slow/mid range class:

- David retired boat racer and 2 stroke tuner from Arrow Motorized Cycles watching one of his Chinese bikes 66cc class on Ryan’s dyno (9.5 HP) + the 2 young racers 16 and 21 years old on his team:

- Morning qualifying heat races. Mid range class: Ventura Puch racer single speed. Fast class: Tyler riding his white Derbi dual variated 70cc air cooled, Ryan riding Tomahawk Motobecane single variated 50cc air cooled, bicycle racer riding a fast Morini 50cc h20 with new racing clutch:


Early morning in the pit, Ryan’s dyno, qualifying heat race #1 mid range and fast class. I only completed one lap in the fast class heat race #1 due to a new belt and variator tuning problems. I went back to the pit to adjust the variator weights and grabbed my camera to get some footage off the track. Ryan won the heat race #1 with the Tomahawk Motobecane 50cc air cooled 11 hp in front of a bicycle Morini 50cc h20 11.5 hp and another bicycle 4 stroke 200cc about 16 hp.


At the end of the video 7:50 min watch Ryan excellent rider ripping with the Motobecane av10 between 11,500 and 12,000 rpms with the cheap motobecane cdi $75 from Treats that a lot of people complain about because of a rev limiter, coil screws coming off or failure after few miles. I never had any problem with it. Make sure to ground it good like for any cdi, Loctite all the coil and pick up screws before assembly, don’t use a plastic cover or drill it to keep the cdi temperature down, silicone the 2 stator plate screws into the cases to avoid air leaks. As far as the cdi box with rev limiter I never had that problem so far after installing more than a dozen on street or race bikes.

Treats Motobecane cdi $75

If you can’t see all the videos because the blog page is too heavy for your computer to download, go to the Tomahawktuning YouTube channel.


On board videos fast class qualifying heat race #2 and final official races.

It was a battle between the 2 Tomahawk 50cc mopeds and the 2 bicycles 50cc morini and 200cc 4T. The bicycles racers stepped up their game and the Tomahawk mopeds are no longer winning races as easily as the beginning of the season. But there’s still room for improvement on the engine (compression ratio + race fuel, transmission, etc…) and chassis (lighter parts, better front suspension, etc…) that we haven’t really worked on, dominating the events so far. Now that we know where the competition stands we can make the right adjustments during the winter to regain a slight advantage one race at time. The top bicycle racers are already planning on upgrading their tires with better grip. We’ve got a race now, it’s very exciting and motivating for next year!

We’re gonna stick with 50cc max engine in true French moped racing tradition but we might upgrade the motobecane bike with a slightly more powerful and consistent polini 50cc h20 kit stock cases 21mm carb. If we build a fast motobecane single variated 70cc h20 28mm carb we’re going to be around 20 hp so even with a fairly small cc engine we would have too much power for the current fast class. The problem is, because of all the different types of engine and transmission, the fast class is limited by horse power to 11 hp max which is hard to really control (unless each bike passes a dyno test) and not by the cc. With an 11 hp limit regardless of the cc or engine type the playing field is definitely more “leveled up” and prevents builders from using bigger and bigger engines in search for more power. It’s a really good thing but it becomes more a riders race and not so much a competition between tuners trying to get the most power out of the same engine cc, which is also a big part of motor racing.

There are just not enough bikes on the track with the same engine type and cc to create a” fair” fast class. Even during this recent race event the 4 fastest bikes competing in the fast class were above the 11 hp limit. The only class that seems to work with specific rules and enough bikes is the 2 stroke bicycle Chinese engine class 66cc max. So it’s all fun for now with a good atmosphere and it seems very flexible with the fast class rules as long as everybody agrees and monster mopeds with powerful 2 stroke 20+ hp or electric bicycles 30+ hp stay out of the competition.

The top 4 bikes in the fast class this weekend:

Mopeds Motobecane av10 BIDALOT 50cc air 11 hp (Ryan 2nd place) and Peugeot 103 Rcx BIDALOT 50cc h20 13/14 hp (Christophe 1st place).

VS Motor bicycle MORINI FRANCO Italian 50cc h20 11.5/12 hp S6-C kit discontinued I think (3rd place) and Honda or Harbor Freight 200cc 4 stroke, about 16+hp (4th place).


Morning heat race #2.

I adjusted my Peugeot RCX variator and haven’t had time to brake in the new belt but can at least participate in the fast class 2nd qualifying race and start in the back to get some footage of the other racers. The Morini 50cc bicycle is the quickest off the line and controls the first laps. I feel a little rusty on the track and don’t like my tire pressure but I’m able to pass thanks to my Peugeot faster top speed. Ryan better rider and more fearless getting off the track a few times is right behind me with the motobecane waiting for an opening. He finally passes me in the slippery hairpin where he’s quick with better lines and takes the lead for the final lap on his way to win the qualifying race. But at the 9:00 min mark he falls in the second left turn and almost gets castrated by my front disc or spinning variator but avoids it with a nice MATRIX move :). I regain control of my bike but loose momentum and get passed by the Morinini 50cc and 4T 200cc bicycles and finish 3rd place. Ryan is fine with just a scratch in his lower back and will be able to compete in the final race, what a true racer! The crowd loved the action!


Final official race.

50cc Bidalot vs 50cc Morini Franco.

The 50cc Morini bicycle quicker off the line takes the lead again. I try to keep with him but can’t find a way to pass him. My front fork feels very soft and bottoms out when I brake hard. My clutch with soft springs is sticky and grabs a little too early. I can hear the 200cc 4T bicycle and Ryan’s motobecane close behind me. I give up the chase and let Ryan pass me, he’s a quicker rider knowing the track well and may have a better chance to pass the Morini bicycle. I can now relax and follow his lines. Ryan finally takes the lead and I’m also able to pass the Morini bicycle after he makes a mistake or slows down in a turn maybe due to fatigue and loss of concentration.

It’s now me and Ryan. I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable on my bike with better lines following Ryan and quicker off the turn pressing harder on my launch lever. The disadvantage as a mechanic is that when I race I think about the engine parts and doesn’t always give 100% afraid to make the engine scream too much and blow up something. A pure racer doesn’t have that problem and opens full throttle not listening to the engine or worrying about mechanic failure, he can fully concentrate on riding and winning the race.

The last 3 laps were my best moment since I started moped racing for the very 1st time in 2010 at the Polini Cup USA. Being neck and neck with Ryan and listening to those two 50cc French variated mopeds with launch lever made me feel what I would have probably felt if I had a chance to compete in French moped racing as a kid growing up in France but it never happened. My childhood’s dream finally came to reality. Thanks for the treat Ryan! I can’t imagine what it would feel in a pack of 6 or 7 bikes like that. I never felt that even at the 2010 polini cup against monster Derbi mopeds 75cc dual variated. There’s something very special about 50cc single variated bikes with launch lever. It’s right in the middle between a dual variated and 6 speed bike. It’s an automatic variated transmission but you can control it with the launch lever which requires skills to master and specific ankle position in the right turns to avoid rubbing your foot.

Back to the race… I’m putting a little bit of pressure on Ryan but don’t want to make us both crash again like in the qualifying race, this time we’ve got to secure 1st and 2nd place against the Morini bicycle. I’m happy for Ryan if we wins the race but I’ll take advantage of any opportunity. Right before the final lap Ryan loses focus and makes mistakes going wide twice leaving an open door in the slippery hairpin usually not my strongest part of the track but I take the inside using a move that Ryan himself taught me in the pit… :) I secure my lead in the straight with my better top speed and controls the final lap trying to close the doors and avoid any mistake. I pass the finish line in 1st position. A well deserved win against strong competition this time. I’m very happy!

Final words…

After this amazing weekend I found some new motivation for moped racing next year. I’ll race if we need more bikes on the track but I want to spend more time in the pit now helping moped racers fix their bikes or even built them a bike off season.

I really encourage any moped rider from Los Angeles area to come play with us next year. The adrenaline is way higher racing on the track than in the streets. Bring your fast or stock mopeds to the track and test your skills against other racers in a way safer environment. It is so much fun and there’s so much to learn as a rider or a mechanic.


Bob Turkman, flagger and timer extraordinaire! + Neil the organizer cleaning up oil spill.

Rockstar Moby, Dark Dream edition

Custom moped 1978 Motobecane Av10 50cc 2 stroke variated transmission.



Stock av1o cases, doppler crank, doppler 50cc cylinder, doppler head, doppler stock 2 petal reed valve, dell orto 19mm carb, doppler exhaust modified, stock mbk cdi, mbk kick start, doppler er3 variator, doppler pulley, malossi belt, stock engine spring, custom launch lever.


Modified Motobecane 50v frame, custom powder coating paint, custom swing arm, rear Fox shocks, custom seat mount, seat upholstery, EBR hydraulic fork stiffened, custom fork stabilizer, tomahawk aluminum clip-ons, custom disc brake, Grimeca caliper, Grimeca 3 star wheels.

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


Remi Cusso french tuner who taught me so much about 2 stroke french variated engines over the past 3 years, Mevlin (Mel-Mar body shop) for the custom swing arm and disc brake mount, Safety Cycles for the technical tips on the FOX SHOX, Justin for the powder coating job, Dean for the seat embroidery, Armando for the seat upholstery, VF racing for the custom brake line, and Treats for all the moped parts!

Little test ride after reassembly.

The new belt needs to be broken in and the fuel mixture is kept on the rich side to protect the new engine. The variator weights and carburetor jetting will be re-adjusted after the break in period.

BONUS VIDEOS by Rafael moped racer in Brazil.

Those kids are getting faster and faster thanks to the new performance parts they’re getting from www.treatland.tv in the US.

Here’s one of the fastest motobecane av10 70cc Athena air cooled ported and tuned by one of the top tuners Maicon Fuser.

Another super fast motobecane av10 by Maicon Fuser using a Derbi Am6 75cc h20 kit adapted, custom 4 petal reed block, malossi variator, doppler clutch pulley. That bike scares and blasts the other 70cc motobecane racers.

Some of those streets moped racers also meet once a month at a race track, including Rafael with his motobecane white front fairing + his friend and rival Marcelo with the motobecane dark blue racing seat.

Moby 40T malossi

I fired up the Motobecane 40T 50cc malossi liquid cooled after one week of work.

This is a commissioned bike but I didn’t build the engine. I just hooked it up, installed and timed the cdi + new rubber mount dell’orto 19mm carb with the right settings. Also serviced the variator. Lots of work and small custom parts to make everything fit on that bike.

I replaced the unnecessary polini 4 petal reed block with the stock 2 petal athena reed block for better 50cc performance with the stock cases, the carb even clears the frame much better now. I installed a launch lever + tomahawk Xtreme clutch pulley kit.

I also converted the front wheel loose bearings to sealed bearings, installed a disc brake with custom caliper bracket.

I installed the lights, brake light, horn, kill switch, water temperature gauge.

Video 1sr start:

Some serious h20 50cc power with stock cases + 19mm carb + stock cdi. I still need to adjust the water pump belt, install the variator belt and drive chain.

Test runs:

After testing a different type of a needle close to the one I normally use, the bike felt rich during the first test run. I went back to old needle set-up, down jetted the carb, tuned the variator but toned it down for daily street use. The bike runs good but I’m waiting for a water temperature gauge to get a reading at top speed and make sure the too small polini radiator is able to cool down the engine. Normally when ported that malossi 50cc kit gets more hp but looking at the exhaust it didn’t seem like the cylinder was ported but just mounted stock. Still plenty fast for a 50cc daily rider.


I’m rebuilding a peugeot 103 engine with 50cc malossi kit + stock cases.

Here’s what happens when you use the high compression malossi head for 50cc or 70cc with decompressor option. They made a tiny hole in the combustion chamber to give you the option to either use a decompressor or a plug it from outside. The problem with that bad design is that hole creates a heat bubble at top speed and will blow up a hole in your piston or combustion chamber. It’s better to use the malossi head no decomp version. Or if you want to use a high performance head with decomp for 50cc or 70ccc the best is probably the polini one, you can always plug it as well. (not as good performance as malossi or doppler but much better than stock head)

Malossi high comp head decomp  vs no decomp version

Polini and Doppler high comp heads


Be careful when port matching the peugeot stock cases. There’s not much aluminum for the secondary rear transfer port, it’ very easy to drill a hole. It’s better to find somebody who can weld your cases with aluminum or be conservative with the porting. I don’t recommend to use JB weld to fill up a hole in the cases, it might crack at high temperature.

Also, on the variator clutch side, make sure to use the right metric screws for crank seal cover plate. It can easily come off and rub against the clutch bell. When buying an after market peugeot variator, you should disassemble it and check every parts.  Most of the time you have to grind the balls plate, thrust plate spring, and nylon washers before installing it. Test each single part on the crankshaft first to make sure the slide perfectly but don’t over grind them.

Stock peugeot cases by Tekinx + stock variator

Moped performance parts available at treatland.tv


Latest Scoot TV video #5 “moped division” by Honest Mike.


Almost done with Melvin’s Peugeot 103 RCX Doppler engine.


Start by machining the cylinder top deck and head to modify the port duration and compression ratio, mix some peugeot polini cases small reeds with a motobecane polini intake manifold, cut and adapt some malossi vl7 4 petal reeds to replace the polini 2 petal reeds, add a small drop of  locticte, hand cut few paper gaskets, port the exhaust as a nice finishing touch and serve with a fresh dell’orto 21mm carb for a powerful 15hp liquid cooled 49cc cocktail.

Melvin might decide to use the peugeot engine on a lighter motobecane frame.


Back from powder coating Moby Rockstar red EBR fork stabilizer + Moby av7 70cc green project.

Let’s bake it!

Test runs are done. It’s time to powder coat the bike. (peinture au four)

We must have done a good job with the lines cause a lot of people think we started off a motobecane 40T rigid frame (no suspension) but we just chopped the tail a 50v frame (with suspension) and modified the swing arm. The bike does look like a cool rigid frame because of the small shocks position.

Pictures of disassembly + Melvin’s moby 50cc polini (65mph) new seat ready for paint and upholstery Ruckus style.

BONUS PIC by Edison:

West Coast master moped builders convention at the Tomahawk shop (Shaw, Christophe, Melvin).


Test run and disassembly.


Puch Maxi Gilardoni 74cc project. I’m gonna machine the cases to fit the wide cylinder skirt + tap for 7mm malossi studs, port the cylinder and cases + mikuni24mm carb + estoril pipe. That kid is gonna fly on that light frame!


Edison’s street BBQ Filipino style  is open for business! Check out his blog PSST BBQ  psstbbqla.wordpress.com

He’s doing his first test run Tuesday June 26th in Silver Lake at the farmers market 1515 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90026 (corner of  Sunset Blvd) from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Go check it out!

For the occasion we’re throwing a short moped ride. Meeting is at 6pm at the Tomashop, ending at PSST BBQ around 7:30pm to test Edison’s delicious bbq sticks (chicken, pork, sausage, etc… even grilled chicken booty on the menu). If you’re available come join us and show some love!


Scoot TV on location. Thanks everyody for coming and support Edison’s new street food business.


I’m planning on going to the Myron’s Mopeds ride # 93 (one of the oldest moped stores in LA owned by Shaun) this Sunday June 24th from Fountain Valley to Laguna Beach, CA.

Check out their website for more info if you want to join the ride. It should be really fun at 30 mph max but one open road for fast bikes along the pacific coast. There will be at least 30 bikes. I’m bringing my stock TOMOS.



Back from the ride, it was really fun. Video by Honest Mike:

Adams track bicycle/moped racing

Back from the motorized bicycle/moped race June 16th 2012 at the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California.

I was the only moped racer there but what a blast!

Peugeot 103 Rcx 49.9cc h20 moped 15 hp.

I had some mechanical problems in the afternoon practice. My old belt flipped and shredded, 2 engine cases bolts holding the launch lever rubber bracket broke. I though it was over. But luckily I had a new belt and was able to buy 6mm Allen screws on the track at the go kart shop and was helped by a bicycle racer. The brand new belt not broken in yet through off my variator weights + launch lever setting and I didn’t have enough time to fine tune them. So I kept the variator a little heavy to be safe but lost some acceleration off the turns. Listening to my engine on the videos I could have used a 2 teeth bigger rear sprocket on that short track to make the engine saturate earlier at 3/4 in the straight instead of almost the end. There was also room to lean out the carburetor main jet for better throttle response and rpms but once again I decided to keep the engine safe and reliable. Finishing a race is more important.

Overall, a fun race day with good action. I had more time to connect and make friends with the bicycles racers. Some people came all the way from San Francisco. I finished 2nd in the unlimited class behind a fast electric bike 30-40hp? with insane acceleration and in front of a dual variated 200cc 4t 20hp. I test rode the e-bike and I never felt anything like it! The torque is nuts and everything so quite you feel like flying. I couldn’t even open full throttle because of the short go kart track and the bike’s front end lifting off the ground like crazy! To compete in the bicycle races they had to stretch the frame otherwise the bike flips over! I wasn’t allowed to take up close photos of the bike cause the prototype motor is kinda secret, gotta respect that. I retouched the photo to hide the motor. But using side covers would have been a good idea to keep it top secret ;)

What an experience and a rush, I’m hooked. It made me want to build a super fast e-moped with a similar set-up. The  motor temperature was only 55 degree Celsius (130 Fahrenheit) and you could touch it right after the race which is rare for any engine. They finally got reed of overheating problems thanks to their custom aluminum housing with fins. Their next step is to upgrade the chassis with an Aprilia 250 RS to exploit the full potential of the electric motor. For now, they’re keeping the bicycle frame for the electric motorcycle race event July 1st at the big Laguna Seca Raceway in Salinas, CA (1h north of San Francisco).


Steve on the left with his 2t 50cc morini 12hp bicycle with ebr moped fork and mag wheels (bought at treatland.tv) + Dave on the right, a 2 stroke guru and legend from Orange County (Arrow Racing) who’s been racing for 20+ years with his brother Jimmy flat track motorcycles, boats, etc… they were in the 1971 motorcycle movie “On Any Sunday” starring Steve McQueen. They’re retired now and race bicycles for fun, making and selling custom performance parts for Chinese 2t engines.


More photos of the other bicycle racers, Harbor Freight 4t 200cc , Chinese stock 2t 50cc and 65cc modified, etc…


If you can’t see the videos cause the blog page is too heavy for your computer, subscribe to the “tomahawktuning” YouTube channel.

1- The afternoon qualifying race unlimited class 8 laps. At the 3:35 min mark fast e-bike pedal chain gets stock,  I take the lead. I slow down later to video tape the following racer and let him pass. At the 8:55 min mark watch that 200cc 4t 20hp bicycle ridden by a new 15 year old racer loosing the drive chain. I pass and take the lead again to finish 1st.

2- The official night race unlimited class 12 laps. My 50cc moped is slow off the start lane because I have a sticky clutch that I didn’t have time to service between race events. The monster e-bike is way faster in the straights but slower in the twisties. I can catch up but can’t pass due to its long frame, too dangerous and I’d be blasted again in the long straight anyway.

3- Prize Ceremony: “Once you go e-bike, you don’t go back”

4- Fast electric bike on board video:


> Photo of the last race June 2nd 2012 at Grange’ race track in Victorville, CA. Me on my 11hp motobecane 50cc air cooled battling against Ryan (left) riding “Le monster” 74cc air cooled. The next race will be back at the same track October 20th 2012. Please, please, please… come and join us with whatever moped you have, fast or super slow it doesn’t matter. Lets make it a fun and epic event. It will be cooler than the summer races. But for safety please make sure to bring full helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, shoes covering the ankles, lots of water too.

$35 for racers – $10 for spectators. Here’s the track info. www.grangeracetrack.com

Hopefully some footage of the event by Scoot Tv moped division coming soon in this post.

> NEMA (North East Moped Racing Association)

That same Saturday 16th 2012 was taking place the official 1st race of the moped racing season in the North East, Tomahawk happy to be one of the sponsors. Well done guys. Check out their website for racers bio, events, results, etc…


Photos stolen from Alexander Johnson’s Facebook who seems to have won the 4th class, Pro 60-80cc piston port/reed valve with wet/dry clutch with unlimited carb and pipe.

I see pegs… Are we assisting at a shift in US moped racing with no pedals? Humm…. I don’t feel so isolated now. Unless you’re an Italian racer ;) I find pegs more efficient and safer on the track, you can lean way more. Pedaling can’t really help make your monster 80cc moped go any faster, at that speed it’s all engine powered. Mopeg racing yeah!

> Plus, Scooter racing Italian style.

Rockstar Moby 1st start

Ca respire…

The brand new Doppler 49.9cc ported engine feels good. Stock cases, stock 2 small petal reeds, 19mm carburetor, stock cdi.

No air leak, good throttle response and carburetor transition. It’s time for a test run after few break in sessions. Then after all the final adjustments, take the bike apart for painting and seat upholstery.

The motobecane parts for that engine set up are available at Treats moped store:




Melvin’s motobecane av10 49.9cc polini air cooled  64 mph GPS uphill in downtown LA short streets + his Peugeot 103 RCX 49.9cc h20 project with Doppler cylinder top deck machined down to increase the power to 15 hp.

Porting phase 1:  Small polini cases + malossi vl7 4 petal reed valve.


Team “No Gear” 50cc speed record

Remember that bike?

Phillipe Danh from Team “No Gear” located in Torrance California (south Los Angeles) and David Tiger the French pastry chef from San Francisco are getting ready to make an other attempt at new speed record at Bonneville salt lake in July with their motobecane av10 50cc. They’ve just received their 4th generation engine ported and assembled in France by a master tuner. No pics sorry, just the 2nd generation was na av10 Bidalot 50cc h20 kit and the 3rd a 50cc variated minarelli Am6 transmission chopped, the first engine was a stock av10 50cc h20 kick start. If the new engine is ready they’ll do a first test Sunday June 10th at El Mirage Dry Lake in North Los Angeles desert recreational parks. I’m gonna try to make it or wait until July for Bonneville. I’m also planning on checking out their amazing projects at their motorcycle shop in Torrance, CA www.frogspecialties.com

You can follow their adventures at www.nogearracing.com

Didier, Phillipe, David:                                             David:

1st generation stock av10 h20 engine kick start 47 mph + rider and pastry chef David Tiger (pronounced Teejay):

2nd engine with av10 Bidalot 50cc kit 74 mph and 3rd 50cc AM6 motorcycle engine chopped to adapt a Conti aluminum variator 120mm (blew up I believe):

They’re also starting a new project to compete in the 50cc motorcycle category. Custom frame with 6 speed AM6 engine Bidalot 50cc h2o kit. Photo taken in France with the very popular Peugeot 205 car in the background (80′s generation right and modern 206 model left).

Video of the 2008 world speed record with a 50cc at 145 mph / 235 kmh:

The engine:

A turbocharged 2 stroke AM6 50cc engine from a 2002 Aprilia RS motorcycle:


New 2012 Aprilia RS4 50cc:




If I have time, I might bring my monster Peugeot 50cc h20 to another motorized bicycle race June 16th at ADAMS race track in Riverside, CA to support the other racing  organization and my new friends bicycle racers. It’s only 1h from LA. Mopeds racers are invited to race in their own category. So if you missed the last race at Grange’ here’s a second chance to come play with your moped. Fees are $35. The event starts at 1pm with heat races then lunch break at 4pm then official races til 10pm.

Here’s the website and map: contact



Edison’s “Psst…BBQ” hitting the streets of LA soon + Rockstar Moby updates + Melvin’s moby new damper.

Plus, TOMAHAWK stabilizer brace for hydraulic EBR fork hand made by Mel-Mar, soon available at Treats!

Successful hunt in France, 4 peugeot 103 frames 80′s flat side tank ready to be shipped.

Merci Christian Mouchet!



Latest project by custom builder Jewel Dream (France):

Derbi Variant 20hp                                                  220 yards in 9.7 second at 67 mph

Moped racing in Africa:

Stock Peugeot 103 50cc ported – fastest bikes top speed over 60 mph – 150 racers – 12 miles twice at full throttle – No rules, no helmet or gloves – Open riding style – knowing how to negotiate the turns is key to win the race – The winner gets a brand new $1200 moped.

Le Monster

Back from the 2nd motorized bicycle/moped race of the SoCal 2012 season. “Le Monster” wins the fast class.

First I want to thank everybody again for coming to the event. It was smaller turn out this time for the bicycles racers (no e-bikes either) but a good turn out for mopeds racers. Thx Honest Mike from Scoot TV who rode 200+ miles to the desert on a Zuma 125cc scooter with his buddy on a Honda Elite 125cc. They couldn’t make it to the track in time cause their GPS took them on a wrong route to Lake Arrowhead :). But we hung out after the race at some local moped racers house and I gave some of my footage to Mike. Scoot Tv Moped Division video coming soon…

Race results:

- I won the slow class with my stock Tomos, 2nd Curtis on a Garelli + pipe, 3rd was a other stock Tomos I think, 4th Chris Hernandez on stock Tomos + pipe. It took me some time to adjust racing with pedals. I crashed and damaged my left pedal.

- Ryan (local racer) won the fast class with the legendary “le monster” 74cc Metrakit peugeot malossi cases variated moped built by the Orange County moped guru Shaw, I finished 2nd with my Motobecane av10 50cc (good battle), 3rd place was a 200cc 4 stroke motorized bicycle I think. I was so stoked to see Shaw’s monster moped on the track. That bike was built heavy for the street and hasn’t been running for almost 2 years but blasted on the track thanks to Ryan’s amazing riding skills. Well done guys! Next time in October I need to bring the big guns and race my fast Peugeot to be able to beat that bike. Or just upgrade my Motobecane av10 50cc with h20 kit + 21mm carb but same chassis setup for exciting close battles. (Bonus pics of Ryan’s moped garage and backyard where they repair people’s moped).

“Le monster” bike:

More race moped pics:

Motorized bicycles:

Chinese bikes modified with performance parts, custom malossi reed intake welded (piston port plugged), custom crankshaft, custom air and h20 cylinder head, etc…, 2 stroke 50cc h20 morini engine, 200cc 4 stroke Harbor Freight engine.


Edison building a custom Tomahawk BBQ.

1 day

My race bikes are ready for the track tomorrow. I did a full checkup on my Motobecane Av10 50cc. I overfilled the transmission on my new stock 50cc Tomos 35mph and installed a fairing for better aerodynamic in the straight away :)

I won’t bring my Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc h20. The bike is too fast and doesn’t really qualify in any class right now.

Only 1 day before the 2nd race of the SoCal Motorized Bicycle racing 2012 season.

Saturday June 2nd from 9am to 5pm at:

Grange’ Race Track

The morning heat races start at 10 am, they determine your position on the start lane in the afternoon.  It’s also a good time to pratice if it’s your first time o the track. So if you decide to race your moped I recommend to come early but if you can’t you’ll still be able to race in the afternoon starting in the back. Driving early from LA might be a good idea to avoid traffic too.

There are 3 motorized bicycles classes based on power and speed in which you can race your moped, slow/medium/fast. The morning heat races also help finding out in which class you belong. The stock Tomos and other mopeds will probably belong in the slow class and kitted bikes in the medium or fast class.

Last minute Tomahawk motivation boost for undecided moped racers:

The moped winner of each class will get a Tomahawk prize and a $50 gift certificate at Treats!

All mopeds are invited to come play with the bicycles racers! Let’s make it bigger and even more fun than last time. I didn’t have time to build a race bicycle but I’ll bring at least one race moped + my new stock Tomos ST that I’ll be racing against Chris Hernandez from the Woolly Bullies. Well I gotta make it start first, it broke down after few days. So bummed… I thought a stock Tomos would be super reliable. Learning lesson… never brag about how good your bike runs :)

We’re planning on doing another BBQ. Come with your family and friends to taste Edison’s amazing burgers and spend a fun moped afternoon. Chihuahua racers are welcome too!

I got up at 4:30am Saturday morning. I fixed my Tomos yeah! I’m ready for the Knuckleheads Moped ride tonight in Long Beach and the race in June. Can’t wait to be back on the track with all those guys.

It was a problem with that damn oil pump injecting too much oil in the carburetor. I got rid of it without any hesitation and filled up the tank with synthetic premix fuel. I also changed the rear sprocket down to 22T for better top speed. The bike feels much better now.

There’s nothing like a rewarding early morning ride, “a la fraiche” (crispy morning).


Hand made av10 kick start plate + hydraulic EBR fork braces:

Back in business at the new Tomashop: Working on a front disc brake and custom swing arm.

Tomahawk and Mel-Mar working the magic. Watch the shocks dude!


Hunting for peugeot 103 sp frames in France (old 70′s style and new 80′s style flat side tank).

Tomashop Grand Opening

The Tomahawk shop in Filipino town is done.

My back is sore but it was worth it. It’s a nice little nest to build custom bikes, repair and restore mopeds. We’ve got the tools, the bikes, now we just need to hang a photo of a moped babe to make it a ligit shop.

It’s party time tonight Friday night at 7:30pm. Come and hang out with us. Honest Mike from Scoot TV will be there to cover the event. I saved plenty of room on the red doors for his stickers, yeah!

Next Monday I’m finally back to fixing mopeds, I can’t wait. We’re gonna build some amazing bikes there and we’ll happily serve the LA moped community.

BBQ Party:

Thanks everybody for coming, it was really fun.  We’ll try to throw more moped parties in the future.

Video by Honest Mike – Scoot TV Show. Thx dude, that was fast editing!

Additional video:


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