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Mobylette av10, doppler clutch pulley

I’m going to start using my motobecane race frame to build, tune, test and ship complete engines. So if you’re interested in replacing your av7 cylinder inducted engine or building a fast av10 case inducted engine,  just contact me for more details. I will also build a Peugeot 103 test bike for kitted engines or solid 45 mph 50cc sotckish engine. Whatever fits your needs and budget. Moving to a new shop next year, I may start doing it with other mopeds like Puch and Tomos. I’ll continue to take special orders for custom moped builds.

I just received a set of 2 way regular bearings to replace the push start one way bearing on the Doppler clutch pulley and use a kick start unit to start the engine.


Here’s a test run with the HK 3020 bearing.

The stock Doppler clutch pulley is available at Treats moped super store

Gentlemen, kick sart your av10 engines!

I rebuilt my motobecane av10 engine with new crank bearings + seals and mounted the kick start unit to use the modified Doppler Er2 clutch pulley with a solid 2 way bearing to solve the problems I’ve been having with the one way bearing designed to push start the bike.

I can’t wait to try that new transmission set-up. It should be the perfect street/race 50cc motobecane with reliability,  fast take offs, accelerations and top speed. I’ll remove the clutch pulley + kick start on the track to get a more direct and quicker acceleration and to keep the bike lighter.

Bonus pics and videos:

I came back from a Friday night ride with the Wooly Bullies moped gang. Lots of mopeds and lots of fun. I can’t get enough of that 2 stroke smell. I finally met Honest Mike, cool dude. The ride was fast but no bikes could keep up with our mobys. I love the power of 50cc variated motobecane bikes with launch lever. People don’t really realize how fast they are until they get blasted on a ride. I replaced the air box with a TNT scooter filter. The bike is starting to look more like a moped now. I might repaint the frame once I’m done with the clutch pulley/kick start set-up.

The 2 fastest motobecane bikes in LA parked in downtown at Farmer Boys restaurant.

Meeting at Choke moped store. Check out the Tron neon lights, rad!

Cruising through Pasadena. I’m still having problems at low end with slow throttle response, I may have to change my spark plug and check the ignition.

Here’s a video from Honest Mike “the King of Low Def”. He goes to a lot of moped/scooter rides and brings videos edited and uploaded in record time. He shot some videos last night of the Bullies ride, blasting his bike the camera in one hand to the other hand on the handlebars, that guy is a pro.

I just got a cool home made trophy gift from Treats. Gender bender hill race 2008 1st place. Thanks guys! I feel like I was there and won it :). I missed all the good races since I only started doing mopeds in the US in 2009. I will proudly expose it in my living room and maybe in my future shop.