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Fred’s 103 gets a new look

Last time Freddie test rode my 50cc motobecane race bike he really liked the riding position better than on his peugeot 103 with 80’s style twisted handle bars and high seat position, so he brought his bike back to make the conversion. It feels like a new bike much safer to ride.

I lowered and pushed the seat back  just like we used to do it as kids in France. Instead of using cheap clip-ons that never get tight enough, I bent, cut and welded clubman handle bars just like on my race bike. I installed a new Lusito throttle n grip, my favorite, and upgraded the ignition with the MVT Millenium cdi from


The bike’s previous riding position:

The bike’s new riding position and Freddie’s warm up routine before blasting the streets of LA.

Fred’s peugeot 103 gets a disc brake

Freddie commutes everyday with his fast bike becoming unsafe with the small drum brake system.

Another challenge for Tomahawk, adapting a low cost disc brake system on the 5 star front wheel without machining any aluminum part.

I’m using my 103 RCX old EBR fork and Grimeca brake assembly from the 2010 polini cup + new $16 rotor disc + $20 of hardware.

Good plug color and home made fork brace.

How to turn a set of pedals into a heavy duty custom made peg + launch lever… heat up, bend, cut, grind and weld.

Freddie happy with his new disc brake and much safer bike.

Disc brake testing on Sunset Blvd, beating the traffic… and getting few thumbs up.