Tomahawk Cup III, we’re getting ready

First, big thanks to our sponsors, Treatland, Klean Cafe, White Rabbit, Cadillac Antiques, France VSX, but also all the volunteers, racers and spectators involved with the event.

Less than 3 weeks away from the 3rd annual national moped race event “The Tomahawk Cup III” from Friday Sept 23rd to Sunday Sept 25th at Grange Motor circuit, Apple Valley, California. Three days of camping, racing and partying!

The tension and excitement are building. The teams are getting ready. Some of the fastest US moped racers are coming to California to battle it out for the GLORY on Saturday at the “Trophy Races” and for the CA$H on Sunday at the “Cup Races” !

All moped brands and engine set ups will be represented and divided in different classes, from “Bone Stock 50cc” to “Unlimited 99cc”. Come join us to race or just hang out and watch the races. It’s going to be pure moped FUN!

Here’s a quick spotlight on some of those amazing moped racers coming from across the country:

Thanks to some of your donations Justin Adler from “Lucky2Strokes” moped store is flying out of Boston to come race for the very first time at the Cup. He’s a talented rider and we’re are very excited to watch him compete this year with his custom Puch 74cc race moped in the NON-Variated 75cc and Unlimited 99cc classes.


Another experienced moped racer Shane Johnson is coming all the way from Wisconsin to compete in the Variated 75cc class with his Motobecane 50cc Doppler air cooled. Big thanks to him for making the trip and supporting the event!


The super fast Motobecane 50cc h2o Bidalot moped racer Victor Pagan former NEMA champion who recently moved from New York to Arizona, will also be making the trip to chase gold in both the Variated 75cc and Unlimted 99c classes.


The local racers from Southern California are getting ready and won’t give up their titles on their own turf without a battle!

Here’s the “La Petite Cup” 2015 Champion Variated 75cc class, Jake Martinez aka “people’s champ” from the Los Angeles “Knuckleheads” racing team. He’ll be ripping his Honda Hobbit 75cc dual variated.


Watch out for Aeron Jackson a Motobecane 50cc Polini racer who is improving each year and will be competing in the Variated 75cc class in hope of a podium spot!


The Tomahawk Racing Team is also getting ready for battle!

With, Ryan Mayer, 2015 Champion Unlimted 99cc class, who holds the track time record will be competing with the Motobecane 50cc Polini h20 in the Variated 75cc and Unlimited 99cc classes.


And, Christophe Naulet, 2014 Champion Unlimited 99cc class, will be competing with the Peugeot 103 RCX 50cc h2o Bidalot in the Variated 75cc and Unlimited 99cc classes.


Taking the RCX apart.

Here are the goals withing the few days left before race event in order to make the bike more competitive.
Cut some weight, get rid of all beautiful but unnecessary parts, front and rear fenders, fenders metal mounts, extra hardware, etc… Replace some steel parts with aluminum, like battery holder, etc… Install a new 30mm hydraulic fork, light fork brace, bigger disc brake 240mm, new tubeless tires, light steel frame brace. Modify the pegs and seat positions.