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Team “No Gear” 50cc speed record

Remember that bike?

Phillipe Danh from Team “No Gear” located in Torrance California (south Los Angeles) and David Tiger the French pastry chef from San Francisco are getting ready to make an other attempt at new speed record at Bonneville salt lake in July with their motobecane av10 50cc. They’ve just received their 4th generation engine ported and assembled in France by a master tuner. No pics sorry, just the 2nd generation was na av10 Bidalot 50cc h20 kit and the 3rd a 50cc variated minarelli Am6 transmission chopped, the first engine was a stock av10 50cc h20 kick start. If the new engine is ready they’ll do a first test Sunday June 10th at El Mirage Dry Lake in North Los Angeles desert recreational parks. I’m gonna try to make it or wait until July for Bonneville. I’m also planning on checking out their amazing projects at their motorcycle shop in Torrance, CA www.frogspecialties.com

You can follow their adventures at www.nogearracing.com

Didier, Phillipe, David:                                             David:

1st generation stock av10 h20 engine kick start 47 mph + rider and pastry chef David Tiger (pronounced Teejay):

2nd engine with av10 Bidalot 50cc kit 74 mph and 3rd 50cc AM6 motorcycle engine chopped to adapt a Conti aluminum variator 120mm (blew up I believe):

They’re also starting a new project to compete in the 50cc motorcycle category. Custom frame with 6 speed AM6 engine Bidalot 50cc h2o kit. Photo taken in France with the very popular Peugeot 205 car in the background (80’s generation right and modern 206 model left).

Video of the 2008 world speed record with a 50cc at 145 mph / 235 kmh:

The engine:

A turbocharged 2 stroke AM6 50cc engine from a 2002 Aprilia RS motorcycle:


New 2012 Aprilia RS4 50cc:




If I have time, I might bring my monster Peugeot 50cc h20 to another motorized bicycle race June 16th at ADAMS race track in Riverside, CA to support the other racing  organization and my new friends bicycle racers. It’s only 1h from LA. Mopeds racers are invited to race in their own category. So if you missed the last race at Grange’ here’s a second chance to come play with your moped. Fees are $35. The event starts at 1pm with heat races then lunch break at 4pm then official races til 10pm.

Here’s the website and map: contact



Edison’s “Psst…BBQ” hitting the streets of LA soon + Rockstar Moby updates + Melvin’s moby new damper.

Plus, TOMAHAWK stabilizer brace for hydraulic EBR fork hand made by Mel-Mar, soon available at Treats!

Successful hunt in France, 4 peugeot 103 frames 80’s flat side tank ready to be shipped.

Merci Christian Mouchet!



Latest project by custom builder Jewel Dream (France):

Derbi Variant 20hp                                                  220 yards in 9.7 second at 67 mph

Moped racing in Africa:

Stock Peugeot 103 50cc ported – fastest bikes top speed over 60 mph – 150 racers – 12 miles twice at full throttle – No rules, no helmet or gloves – Open riding style – knowing how to negotiate the turns is key to win the race – The winner gets a brand new $1200 moped.