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Tomos Top Tank, it’s on!

This is the first Tomahawk Tomos project using a brand new 2011 ST model.


The step through tank will be chopped off with a tomahawk and replaced with top and lower tubular cross bars to mount the 2.5 gallon fuel tank. The bike will get a custom paint, a bullet headlight, low rise handlebars and probably a long seat.


No major modification will be done in order to keep the bike reliable and fuel efficient. The stock exhaust might be modified, the carburetor upjetted and the rear sprocket downsized for better top speed.

It should be a fun bike with a retro touch but keeping some of the Tomos ST lines, and should also offer convenient daily commuting with the auto mix oil injection and the large capacity fuel tank reducing stops at the gas station.

Parts from http://www.treatland.tv are already on the way.



Edison’s custom Puch Free Spirit top tank built by Melvin in Filipinotown, Los Angeles. The stock engine runs like a clock. Cool bike, well done guys!

Plus, my dad’s oil painting for my birthday ready to be shipped next week from France. Can’t wait…


Check out that cute blog “Les Mobyletteux” (the mopeders) that talks about two french students who have just discovered a new passion for mopeds. They plan road trips with their motobecane av88 and try to learn the basic mechanic skills.