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Tomahawk 2016 apparel kit is here and available worldwide. New paint codes meet racey atmospheres. Designed in Los Angeles by the All American creator who dreamt up the most famous paintjob in moped history, your shirts will be worn, like, every day. Fully customizable with your own bearing and burger grease. Only one hat this time because we still wear the 2015 originals. Respect.

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We ordered samples to show you the full kit. Scroll down to see all six. When you link to the ordering page, disregard the computer generated Zazzle image. They’re CGI and don’t fully represent the final product. Use these official photos we shot at Tomahawk. All shirts are shown in size medium.

Tomahawk On Any Day – Track Black by American Apparel; fitted so order a size up if unsure and modest.       Yes Please     Oui!


Tomahawk American Moped Racing – Chalk White on American Apparel 50/50 blend.      Yes Please      Oui!


Tomahawk American Moped Racing – Heather Gray American Apparel; guns out.     Yes Please      Oui!


The hat. This is a CGI image because Christophe gave the production sample to some kid.     Yes Please      Oui!


Tomahawk Les Mobs – Navy Blues by American Apparel; fitted so order a size up or wear it tight like us.     Yes Please      Oui!


Tomahawk Live Free And Ride – Chalk White on American Apparel 50/50 Blend.     Yes Please      Oui!


Tomahawk Cup Racer Tee – Track Black on Alternative Apparel like most of last years tees. If you can’t make it to the track, this is the way to go.     Yes Please      Oui!


Link to our Heritage Collection so you can go retro!