Heritage 2015


Grab a heritage collection t-shirt built by Tomahawk. All of these designs (unless otherwise noted) are printed on an Alternative Apparel super-soft and spec-fitted tee. Scroll down for hats.

Note: We ordered the shirts ourselves to show you what they look like. Scroll down to see all six. When you link to the ordering page, disregard the computer generated Zazzle image. They don’t represent the final product. Use these official pictures we shot at Tomahawk. Samples are shown in size medium.

Tomahawk American Crest Moped T-shirt Track Black

Tomahawk American Crest in “Cheers” Green. Click here to own it (English). Click here for French. 

Tomahawk American Moped Nation Tee

Tomahawk American chief to a moped nation. Click here to own it (English). Click here for French.

Tomahawk La Patate Moped T-shirt - Track Black

You asked for it, so here. Click here to own La Patate (English). Click ici for French.


Stay Gold. American Apparel vintage 50/50 blend on gold. Click here to own it. Or click here if you want to read and buy it in French.


Still Alternative Apparel, but a blend. The best part of this one is that the print process lends itself to a little bit of fade where all the greys come together. We can fix it easily, but we like the worn-out effect on the graphic. Buy one here (English) or ici (French).


The Chief. Visions of moped riders in the desert fill the chiefs dreams. Get it here or ici.



Get the La Patate hat here and ici.

Tomahawk American Moped Flag Chief

Buy the Tomahawk American Nation hat here and ici. Choose gold or, gold.

Tomahawk American Crest Hat

Green on Green. Get the authentic Tomahawk American crest hat here and ici.


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