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Rockstar Moby, Dark Dream edition

Custom moped 1978 Motobecane Av10 50cc 2 stroke variated transmission.



Stock av1o cases, doppler crank, doppler 50cc cylinder, doppler head, doppler stock 2 petal reed valve, dell orto 19mm carb, doppler exhaust modified, stock mbk cdi, mbk kick start, doppler er3 variator, doppler pulley, malossi belt, stock engine spring, custom launch lever.


Modified Motobecane 50v frame, custom powder coating paint, custom swing arm, rear Fox shocks, custom seat mount, seat upholstery, EBR hydraulic fork stiffened, custom fork stabilizer, tomahawk aluminum clip-ons, custom disc brake, Grimeca caliper, Grimeca 3 star wheels.

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


Remi Cusso french tuner who taught me so much about 2 stroke french variated engines over the past 3 years, Mevlin (Mel-Mar body shop) for the custom swing arm and disc brake mount, Safety Cycles for the technical tips on the FOX SHOX, Justin for the powder coating job, Dean for the seat embroidery, Armando for the seat upholstery, VF racing for the custom brake line, and Treats for all the moped parts!

Little test ride after reassembly.

The new belt needs to be broken in and the fuel mixture is kept on the rich side to protect the new engine. The variator weights and carburetor jetting will be re-adjusted after the break in period.

BONUS VIDEOS by Rafael moped racer in Brazil.

Those kids are getting faster and faster thanks to the new performance parts they’re getting from in the US.

Here’s one of the fastest motobecane av10 70cc Athena air cooled ported and tuned by one of the top tuners Maicon Fuser.

Another super fast motobecane av10 by Maicon Fuser using a Derbi Am6 75cc h20 kit adapted, custom 4 petal reed block, malossi variator, doppler clutch pulley. That bike scares and blasts the other 70cc motobecane racers.

Some of those streets moped racers also meet once a month at a race track, including Rafael with his motobecane white front fairing + his friend and rival Marcelo with the motobecane dark blue racing seat.

Let’s bake it!

Test runs are done. It’s time to powder coat the bike. (peinture au four)

We must have done a good job with the lines cause a lot of people think we started off a motobecane 40T rigid frame (no suspension) but we just chopped the tail a 50v frame (with suspension) and modified the swing arm. The bike does look like a cool rigid frame because of the small shocks position.

Pictures of disassembly + Melvin’s moby 50cc polini (65mph) new seat ready for paint and upholstery Ruckus style.

BONUS PIC by Edison:

West Coast master moped builders convention at the Tomahawk shop (Shaw, Christophe, Melvin).


Test run and disassembly.


Puch Maxi Gilardoni 74cc project. I’m gonna machine the cases to fit the wide cylinder skirt + tap for 7mm malossi studs, port the cylinder and cases + mikuni24mm carb + estoril pipe. That kid is gonna fly on that light frame!


Edison’s street BBQ Filipino style  is open for business! Check out his blog PSST BBQ

He’s doing his first test run Tuesday June 26th in Silver Lake at the farmers market 1515 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90026 (corner of  Sunset Blvd) from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Go check it out!

For the occasion we’re throwing a short moped ride. Meeting is at 6pm at the Tomashop, ending at PSST BBQ around 7:30pm to test Edison’s delicious bbq sticks (chicken, pork, sausage, etc… even grilled chicken booty on the menu). If you’re available come join us and show some love!


Scoot TV on location. Thanks everyody for coming and support Edison’s new street food business.


I’m planning on going to the Myron’s Mopeds ride # 93 (one of the oldest moped stores in LA owned by Shaun) this Sunday June 24th from Fountain Valley to Laguna Beach, CA.

Check out their website for more info if you want to join the ride. It should be really fun at 30 mph max but one open road for fast bikes along the pacific coast. There will be at least 30 bikes. I’m bringing my stock TOMOS.



Back from the ride, it was really fun. Video by Honest Mike: