Heads up on the cup

Heads up on the cup…

Due to personal reasons and some complications Tomahawk Mopeds will not be racing, participating or organizing the 2015 cup.

Long Beach Mopeds is now in charge of the 2015 event and will be your contact for any and all questions.

The event is no longer “the tomahawk cup” and will be renamed “Moped GP” in the near future by the new organizers, as well as the Facebook page.

Even though the 2014 website “Tomahawkcup.com” bares my name, it is considered hacked at this point and I have no control over it. Hopefully it will be taken down soon.

It’s with deep sadness that Tomahawk Mopeds and Fink’s Mopeds are no longer associated with the 2015 event and want to thank everyone for all your support.

We wish good luck to everyone supporting this new moped event in 2015.

PUCH MAXI 54cc h20 bike SOLD $3,500


A unique and fast PUCH one speed case inducted e50 bottom engine (by Shaw US Moped Guru) with Minarelli horizontal bolt pattern for any h2o scooter kit from 50 to 75cc monster power.

Won the “Non-Variated 75cc class” at the Tomahawk Cup 2014.

Los Angeles-20140616-03139


E50 cases modified to case inducted minarelli reeds

Rito race crank

Airsal 40mm h2o scooter kit

Piaggio Typhoon Bidalot piston

Stage 6 reeds

Stage 6 intake manifold

Dell’orto 19mm carb

Polini race exhaust

PLV analog fix timing ignition

KTM clutch / roller bearing

Bosch mini water pump / water temperature gauge

Moped Motion 8 Cell 12v Battery


Modified rigid Maxi N frame

Motobecane swing arm

MBK Grimeca 5 star wheels

Michelin M29S tires

Polini seat

Rear Gas shocks

Adjustable pegs

EBR Hydraulic fork

Custom fork brace

Front disc brake 220mm

NHK steering damper

Los Angeles-20140616-03135Los Angeles-20140616-03133Los Angeles-20140616-03132Barstow-Victorville-20130201-00747Los Angeles-20130508-01188Los Angeles-20130508-01192Los Angeles-20130520-01233Los Angeles-20130802-01517