Wanted: Tracy #1 moped racer in America

So we’re back from Grange’, 1st moped race March 12 – 2010. We had a lot of fun even though it ended up being just me against Tracy who won the first race of the season he’s now the man to beat. Good, that takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders 🙂

Here’s how the race went down:

– 1st round: I take 1st place and Tracy 2nd (obviously). The Rcx being faster than the moby without the launch lever it wasn’t really fare so I had to slow down a little to make it more fun and competitive. (quick note: The Rcx reached 14,000 rpms on the stand with new jetting, it screams!)

– 2nd round: Tracy takes 1st place and I can’t finish the race running out of gas! We rushed to get on the track for the second round and I didn’t check my gas tank. What’s ironic is that prior to that round I was making fun of  Tracy refilling his moby’s tank which was adding more weight to his bike and make it even easier for me to win that 2nd race.

Final result, Tracy wins the race placing 2nd and 1st. I lose by placing only 1st in the first round. We still have to figure out the point system but Tracy has the lead now.

The lesson is that in moped racing you  never know what’s going to happen until the checkered flag goes down. Well done Tracy, you won fair and square! Although I suspect that you sipped some gas out of my tank between rounds.

I want to thank all the mopeders who showed up to support the event and I hope that you guys can bring your moped next time for the 2nd race in May 28 at the same track Grange’. I know that we’ll see more Gr1 bikes finished and ready to race this time. I hope to see more open fast mopeds too. Come on guys, bring your fast street bike and lets race!

Also, I met with Josiah the SoCal minigp organizer and we’re talking about doing a big moped race event with camping and BBQ party to have the NoCal, SoCal moped racers compete against each other all at once. The event would be in August 20th at Buttonwillow. You may want to mark that date on your calendar.

Check out Ryan’s rusty motobecane with a 2 speed Solo pulley on it… rad!

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  1. Responsible Jon

    Glad you guys had a good time, don’t be discouraged by a small turn out. If you want to claim that #1 plate this year though you will have to come take it from last years #1, Mike Naz.

  2. tomahawktuning

    Thx man. We really had a good time and I’m gonna keep pushing hard to build some momentum.

    I’m not discouraged expecting a small turn and out knowing that more people are building a race bike but just couldn’t be ready in time. I’m surprised though that nobody showed up with at least one 80cc fast moped from LA.
    If nobody shows up with monster mopeds, I’ll be happy to concentrate on building 50cc Gr1 bikes to compete elbow to elbow and save the Rcx for bigger events.

    We’re pretty confident we’ll take Naz #1 world title sometime in August at Buttonwillow if he drives all the way down or in September on a track close to Oregon’s border if he doesn’t puss out or blame it on the 7hr drive 🙂

  3. tomahawktuning

    Dean, somebody like you should never show up at a track without a moped. I bet we would have had fun racing against your Ciao.

    I agree, Jeff is still the man to beat to be considered #1 in America but he’s either retired, too busy, or maybe just too scared to make a come back 🙂
    It’s so sad because there’s so much to learn from him on the track.

    If he doesn’t race at all in 2011 we’re gonna need a new title holder. We can’t hold on to the 2009 polini cup for ever.

    So far only Tracy showed up, won the first race and IS the racer to beat in SoCal. Pressure’s on you dude!

  4. Responsible Jon

    Jeff still holds the Polini cup title. Naz holds the Pacific Cup title. I’m sure a few of the portland/seattle racing league would come down and race if some of you guys came up to race. You know, reciprocating. Buttonwillow does sound pretty slick though.

    • terrydean

      i’m not going to put too much effort in trying to get up there for races as long as there are races down here. i put waaay to much time and money in to the 13 hour drive for moped racing, did it like 6 times in one summer.
      if i end up having an opportunity to get up there for way cheap, i’ll jump on it, but otherwise it probably won’t happen.

      • tomahawktuning

        Ok good to know Dean. If a dedicated racer like you doesn’t bother driving to Oregon’s border to race the Portland/Seattle guys in September then who will?
        Not me alone for sure, coming so from so Los Angeles. I’m already trying to support you guys up North.
        I guess we’ll never have a unified title race Oregon vs California unless a miracle happens and those racers come down to Buttonwillow in August (SoCal/NoCal event). I’d love to be on the track with Jesse, Naz and the others. They’ve been running a very successful race for the past 2 years.
        Btw, except for August race the scoring system in California is separated north and south.

  5. Tracy

    I’m just keeping the title “warm” for a real race in the future. My bike was depressingly slow that day and I won by a fluke, so it’s anyone’s title, just come and get it!!

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