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2012 French moped racing 2nd race

Just one week after the 1rst race April 8th, the second race of the 2012 season northern France championship took place in Douvrin race track Sunday April 14th.

Team Remi Cusso finished 1st overall dominating  the event with the #48 motobecane Bidalot RS 50cc single variated with parallelogram ridden by Antoine his new pilot. You can witness the slight edge in power when listening to Remi’s engine in the straight away. I remember easily recognizing that specific sound among the other bikes on the track watching a race live in 2011. The magic touch…

Antoine did really good for his second race with a 50cc variated moped and first time on a new track. His amazing riding skills allowed him to place 1st in each 3 rounds and get the fastest lap time. He placed 3rd in the final 4th round due to a belt problem. It’s very early in the season but it looks like he has a good chance to win the 2012 championship in the 50cc variated moped prototype class.

Well done guys! Keep it up.


Posted by Phillipe 45 years old who started moped racing in 2010 to fulfill a childhood dream (kinda like me). He contacted in Remi 2010 who helped him build a motobecane av10 race moped. That’s his second season and he’s starting to progress as a rider and tuner. Unfortunately he just broke his clavicle bone in that last race and will be down for 6 weeks but he’ll be back. Here’s  his #67 race bike with new 50cc engine setup  scootracing89 cases for powerful Derbi h20 kits bridge exhaust + lightened Mykitech clutch pulley:

The energy in the pit early morning. Remi shares a guru’s trick showing how to use the roof steel frame to tighten a Bidalot variator when you don’t have a vice on the track. This is high level skills, don’t try this at home he’s a professional… lol

Antoine #48 won 1st, 2nd and 3rd round:

In the final 4th round Antoine’s belt slipped or broke at the 8 min mark. It happens sometimes with powerful 50cc variated engine even when you use a very precise and linear parallelogram. He learned his first lesson as a new variated moped rider, replaced the belt and got back on the track to finish 3rd.

2012 French moped racing, the pressure is on!

50cc single variated moped racing was big in France in the 80′s and 90′s but slowly died early 2000 because of the scooters and 6 speed bikes becoming quickly popular among the new generation more interested in drag racing with 80+cc set-ups.

In 2007 moped racing made a slow come back with old school tuners/racers and few young racers. Since then, the sport has grown every year but still needs new blood to survive.

For the first time this year, companies like Bidalot (pioneer of moped racing and #1 brand for performance parts in the 80′sand 90′s) are stepping in wanting to help the sport grow, by submitting their ideas like introducing an open class up to 80cc the most popular displacement among young racers today (scooters/6 speed in drag racing and speed track racing). The idea is not really welcomed by the hard core an long time 50cc moped racers but could attract new racers to secure the future of the sport. Some argue that Bidalot has always been only about business and fear that they want to jump in just to tap into a new market to sell their modern racing parts, with a risk that they could start controlling the rules like they did back in the days.

The 2012 season is going to be the busiest since 2007 with about 30 bikes in the 50cc open class (no cases and carb size limit, open chassis) in the northern championship with top moped racers traveling for Belgium to challenge the french racers.

The southern championship is packed as well with new crazy bikes this year in each class, 50cc open, 50cc gr1, and the most popular 50cc stock-ish.

Reading all the french blog we can feel that everybody is excited and starting to feel the pressure, working hard to finish their bikes on time for the 1st race starting late march. Some of the teams are even getting a sponsorship this year, that’s a good sign.

Some random pics of  current race bikes and new projects under progress, mainly from Northern France. Some of those guys are getting serious for the 2012 season, bringing out the big guns! I’ll try to plan another trip this year and go to one of their races, last year I went to one of the Southern France championship event, gained tons of experience and brought some cool moped parts.



Bonus Video: A look inside Polini Motori.

G1 street legal

Well… almost with no pedals :)

I’m gonna to try to make the  “Latebirds” weekly Tuesday night open ride tonight at Choke motorcycle shop with my Mbk Av10 50cc G1 race bike. I need to get out of the shop and ride for a change. I drained the leaded race fuel, mixed some unleaded premium gas station fuel, installed a license plate and bicycle LED lights. It gave me some good ideas for my peugeot 103 streetfighter headlight options.

Bonus pic, my dad in France just finished  my polini cup 2010 oil painting. It just needs a final clear coat and apparently should be dry enough to be shipped to the US by the end of September. Yeah!

Back from the ride:

It was fun blasting the streets, hanging out in downtown and catching up with everybody. It was also a good occasion to test the bike against other fast mopeds since no moped comes to the race track. We didn’t race each other but it felt like none of the 70cc Honda, Puch or Tomos could really keep up with the acceleration and speed of my 50cc Motobecane. It makes me want to install my Doppler or RGD clutch pulley with a smaller rear sprocket and a steering damper to convert the bike into a street racer I guess… Instead of sitting at the shop, at least I could have fun riding it and chasing 70cc bikes, hopefully some of the fastest Derbis out there. Bernie test rode the bike and is now hooked on Motobecane 50cc power (and reliability) + the launch lever action, it feels like downshifting on an automatic transmission, and also the Av10 frame’s good stability.


Just pulling out of Choke motorcycle store.

If you want your moby to rip all day long with more fuel efficiency than a 70cc kit and less overheating or vibrations breaking parts, here’s a similar and powerful engine set up if assembled and tuned right (it’s recommended to mount the crankshaft with polyamide or nylon cage bearings over steel cage bearings):

Doppler 50cc kit ($145), Doppler head ($55), stock cases ($99), stock reeds ($20), Teknix stock crank ($75), stock cdi ignition ($75), Dell’orto PHBG DS 19mm carb ($98), Doppler  intake ($27), Doppler exhaust ($167), Doppler variator ER3 ($145) available at http://www.treatland.tv





French 50cc moped racing, Vendeuvre

Remi Cusso’s new race bike Bidalot Replica 50cc variated should hit the track at the next race June 26. It’s going to be the only Replica tubular frame back in competition since the 90′s. Remi is working his magic to make it competitive right away for its first race. The pressure is on with a lot of expectations from 50cc moped racing fans and the other teams. They’ll deal with the paint later.

Here are some exclusive photos of Remi’s Bidalot Replica h20 50cc Gr3 (28mm carb) variated race bike in France, 48h before its very first race this Sunday June 26. Remi (top race moped tuner) just finished his custom built racing exhaust. Nice work man! He also just received his Bidalot cylinder back from Spain with a special slow 24h thin layers process Nikasil replating. Another 50cc 15,000 rpms screamer on the track… good luck with the race!

Back from the race in Vendeuvre, France:

“Old  school” Jeff broke the pipe on his motobecane av10 (mbk 51 cf) so he had the chance to try Remi’s new race bike in the third round. The video shows how excited he was in the pit when Remi fired it up and blew up everybody’s ears with screaming 14,500 rpms (even though the engine is driving the belt and the rear wheel). The carburetor wasn’t tuned yet but not bad for a very first time. Not even knowing the bike Jeff was already 2 second faster per lap than when he was racing with his motobecane. With the final tuning over the next weeks and the official pilot Mik, this bike should be super competitive.

Bidalot Replica very first start… a new variated 50cc ripper is born.


I got my new moped race fairings from http://www.treatland.tv, thanks Treats!

They look pretty cool with the peugeot 103 vogue frame. It makes me want to build a 50cc race bike with my vintage Bidalot air cooled kit ceramic coated.

peugeot 103 vogue                                              motobecane av10

There’s hope that I might be able to race against other mopeds in the Gr1 50cc air cooled class in August 20th at Buttonwillow race track for the NoCal/SoCal mini gp event. Rufus from Treats (2008magnum.wordpress.com) and John Quintos from San Fransisco are building peugeot 103 G1 race bikes. Thanks for your dedication and I hope to see you on the track soon.


Pics of vintage french 50cc peugeot 103 Groupe 1 race bikes:

50cc french moped racing, Salbris

May 29 – 2011, 3rd round of  the TGO 50cc racing organization in Salbris, south of France.

The 50cc variated Mbk/Bidalot mopeds competed and dominated the race against the 50cc 6 speed motorcycles. Well done guys!

The results after 3 rounds:

1- Julien Dore’, Team Mir 35, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

2- Hugo Nouzille, Team Cyclomania, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

3- Chi King, Team Cusso, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

The black and orange moped racer coming back on the powerful 50cc Gr3 variated mopeds and 50cc motorcycles is only a 50cc Gr1 air cooled bike! Man, he’s fast.


If you watch the race closely you’ll recognize 16 year old Cathy with long hair racing in the middle of the pack with the blue mbk 51 CF yellow wheels built by her dad.


MBK 51 CF fairings for sale at http://www.treatland.tv





Adams, 4th round

I just came back from the 4th minigp race at Adams motorsports park in Riverside, CA 06/05/2011.

What a blast… It felt good to be back on the track with my variated peugeot 103 RCX 50cc H20. I didn’t have a chance to test the new motobecane av10 G1 50cc since we arrived late and missed the 2hr practice session. I jumped straight into the race with the RCX probably the safest choice to keep up with the other motorcycle racers.

It was a small turn out because of back to back races. I was the only moped racer but they let me compete in the minigp vet/youth class with 3 other motorcycles. I placed second behind the experienced racer Saul with his Kawasaki 60cc 2 stroke engine and front of Rod with his Aprilia RS 125 frame + honda 100cc 4 stroke engine.

There was a great energy and I can’t wait to come back to the exact same track in July for the night race.

I found a Tomahawk made out of two wooden sticks in the dirt right in front of my canopy. What a strange coincidence…

Thanks Freddie for those awesome pics!

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Y’a plus qu’a reassembler le p’tit G1

Time to reassemble and blast.

Thanks Jamisin for helping design and paint the bike. It looks good.

Chain sliders.

Seat pad and exhaust spring rubber sleeve.

Plate number and gas tank air vent.


Few more details before firing it up.

I don’t know when I’ll be hitting the track with that little 50cc G1 race bike since there’s nobody to compete against after no mopeders showed up at Grange’ race track last Sat and the next Sat practice day at Adams is being canceled. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the race in August at Buttonwillow NoCal vs SoCal if any moped racer even shows up. Oh well, I’ll try to find a way to test ride the bike on some track around LA or practice and compete against the minigp 50cc 6 speed motorcycles until a moped shows up.

I’m keeping up the faith…


Stock cases / Carters d’origine

Doppler crankshaft / Vilebrequin Doppler

Old replica Bidalot G1 50cc kit ported / Vieux kit Bidalot replica G1 50cc prepare’

Bidalot replica head / Culasse Bidalot replica

Stock 2 petal reed block / Clapets d’origine

Polini 19mm intake manifold / Pipe polini 19mm

Dell’orto PHBG 19mm carb / Carbu Dell’orto PHBG 19mm

Bidalot exhaust G1 replica / Pot Bidalot G1 replica

Stock cdi / Allumage d’origine

Doppler ER3 variator / Variateur Doppler ER3

Doppler standard pulley / Poulie simple Doppler

Doppler belt / Courroie Doppler

Transmission 11 x 56

50cc French moped racing, Saint Genis

Quick update on the french 50cc variated moped cup. Some of those bikes don’t even look like mopeds anymore but we see some mbk av10 frames competing, it’s just harder to win against the Bidalot RS frame.

Remi’s Team drove to Saint Genis (west of France) for the 2nd race of the TGO organization (Trophee Grand Ouest). Their pilot Chi King the Samourai took 2nd overall with the Bidalot 50cc Gr3 RS orange windshield (3rd in 1st round, 1st in 2nd round, 3rd in3rd round).

Hugo from cyclomania took 1st overall with his Bidalot RS and Julien from MIR35 with his yellow Bidalot RS took 3rd. I ‘ve heard that a really good young racer with a supposedly slower 50cc Gr1 bike was staying in the pack battling with those fast 50cc Gr3 up front. Awesome!

Remi made some changes on his bike and the engine didn’t detonate this time. In the video of the 1rst round Chi King fell apparently due to a wrong check of tire pressure. He came back from the 9th to 3rd place behind Hugo and Julien. More videos of the 2nd round with rear on board camera (led by Chi King) should be coming soon, we see more of the other bikes chasing him.

Yannick a friend, Remi the tuner and pilot Chi King

Chi King, Hugo Nouzille , Julien Dore’

On board video of the 1st round. The race doesn’t start until the 5 1/2 min mark and Chi King falls at the 6 1/2 min mark. Look for the Devil’s horns around the 8 min mark.

Daggr1, another Tomahawk 50cc ripper

The engine feels just the way I anticipated it. I can tell by ear that we’re close to 11,500 rpm. Not bad for a beat up 50cc Bidalot kit with an old nikasil. When I looked at the small ports I never thought that kit could rip but I increased the port duration to Gr2 specs and it worked. I was afraid to lose some low end power with the new port duration but it didn’t happen, even with a standard pulley. I can’t imagine how good the bike would feel with a clutch pulley. In general, Gr1 set ups are not as powerful as Gr2 or Gr3 but have more torque.

Overall the bike feels good, not quite as powerful as my Peugeot 103 Rcx 50cc h20 but close with more torque and way lighter. The downside is that it’s an air cooled engine so it won’t stay as consistent during the entire race, especially if it gets hot in the desert.




Daggr1, push powered

Today I finished all the electrical on the bike which is usually my least favorite part but it’s much easier on a race bike than a street bike. I didn’t have to deal with lights, brake lights, regulator, etc… All I had to do is connect the cdi box + the kill switch and it was done, loved it.

I checked the brakes and made sure that everything on the chassis spins freely without slowing the bike. everything feels really good and the bike still feels light.

The chain slightly rubs against  the swing arm. I’ll take care of it by shaving off some metal and building some kind of rubber chain slide. By the way, those are all the sounds you hear on an electric bike.

It’s funny because every time I pull a new bike out the shop the neighbors either give me a big smile or stare at me with curiosity like if I just landed from outer space.


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