Rcx, 2nd test run in LA

I modified the pipe on the Rcx and the bike feels better even though I couldn’t read the max rpm because of a wrong setting on the tachometer. I’m getting close now and we’ll start doing some tuning on the carb (too rich) and the transmission (variator + spring tension and gearing). Overall the bike feels solid and good enough to be competitive on the first race. I don’t want to go t00 crazy with the pipe or compression ratio to keep it more reliable and have a bike running at every race.

The bike reached 57 mph at the end of the straight with Drew’s GPS. I still need to tune the gearing to get a solid 60mph which should be enough on those small go kart tracks.


  1. Andy Lauzier

    yes yes YES! fantastic. i’m getting very restless now haha, can’t wait to finish my peugeot and for this snow to meltttt. great work.

  2. tomahawktuning

    Thx Dean. Jamisin designs all the Daggrs outfits.
    Why do you want to build a pug? any problems with the moby?
    I actually like mobys better for the race track being faster and pug for street bikes with more after market parts.

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