50cc french moped racing, Salbris

May 29 – 2011, 3rd round of  the TGO 50cc racing organization in Salbris, south of France.

The 50cc variated Mbk/Bidalot mopeds competed and dominated the race against the 50cc 6 speed motorcycles. Well done guys!

The results after 3 rounds:

1- Julien Dore’, Team Mir 35, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

2- Hugo Nouzille, Team Cyclomania, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

3- Chi King, Team Cusso, Bidalot RS 50cc variated

The black and orange moped racer coming back on the powerful 50cc Gr3 variated mopeds and 50cc motorcycles is only a 50cc Gr1 air cooled bike! Man, he’s fast.


If you watch the race closely you’ll recognize 16 year old Cathy with long hair racing in the middle of the pack with the blue mbk 51 CF yellow wheels built by her dad.


MBK 51 CF fairings for sale at http://www.treatland.tv





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