G1 goes for a spin

Tomahawk ripping the streets with G1 50cc race bike for the monthly test ride.

There’s no clutch pulley but I’m lifting the launch lever with my foot at each red light to keep the idle by making the belt slip on the variator. The bike is really flying, there’s plenty of power and acceleration to test an even smaller rear sprocket for better top speed. The pipe can still be modified to gain some extra rpms and power but I prefer to keep the engine reliable. I wish I could have some moped racers to compete against on a track.

Back from the test run, good combustion with a chocolate brown spark plug and still room to lean out the fuel mixture for better performance.

Motobecane av10 race moped with stock engine cases, stock 2 petal reed valve, 19 carb, stock cdi, old 50cc Bidalot kit, enjoy the ride…


Here are some pics of a 1991 Bidalot G1 50cc vintage racing kit (not replica version) with stock cases, stock intake manifold, Bidalot crank, Dell’orto 15 carb, Champion spark plug, 9.5 hp @ 10,000 rpms.



I’ve just ordered some new moped race fairings from http://www.treatland.tv for a future fast motobecane av10 50cc Gr2 race bike project with 30mm Paioli adjustable hydraulic fork, stock engine cases, 21 carb, malossi or polini 50cc h20 kit. Thanks Treats for shipping them so fast!




    • tomahawktuning

      Yep…motobecane 50cc moped parts only.
      Although Yamaha bought motobecane… so technically it might be Yamaha parts.

  1. tomahawktuning


    I never use a decomp on kitted engines. Too many problems with air leaks.

    If a bike is tuned right it should start instantly when pushing few feet only.

  2. francisco

    hi .. how do you slow down? use a clutch pulley?
    that cylinder 50cc or 70cc you used? that you used carburetor that comes with the nozzle admicion?

    Greetings from Chile

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